Lieder & Arien von Mattei, Raff, Offenbach, Wagner, Kreisler, Balfe, Ray, Silesu, Margetson, Ball, Faure, Key, Herbert, Sanderson, Novello, Elliot, Lohr, Ferrari, Plantadosi, Allitson, Dorel
  • Künstler: John McCormack, Reinald Werrenrath, Harry Macdonough, Lambert Murphy, Fritz Kreisler, Dominic Melillo u. a.
  • Label: Naxos, ADD/m, 1916-18
  • Bestellnummer: 1030472
  • Erscheinungstermin: 31.10.2008


This seventh volume in the Naxos McCormack edition includes the great tenor's only published recording of the Preislied from Wagner's Die Meistersinger, sung here in English translation as Morning Was Gleaming; music by Irish and Irish-American composers; patriotic war-related songs that evoke the pain of separation and the hope of return, including Ivor Novello's hugely popular Keep the Home Fires Burning; and Champs paternels from Méhul's opera Joseph, recorded as a supportive gesture for the French forces that were suffering greatly at the time. All these works are delivered with an intimacy of feeling, masterful phrasing and a compelling sense of engagement with the listener that were the hallmark of McCormack's approach to everything that he sang.
  1. 1 John McCormack: Non e ver Start
  2. 2 Standchen (Serenade), WoO 22 (arr. F.W. Rosier for voice, violin and piano) Start
  3. 3 Les contes d'Hoffmann (The Tales of Hoffmann), Act II: Beauteous night, "Barcarolle" (arr. for voice, violin and piano) Start
  4. 4 John McCormack: Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg (The Mastersingers Of Nuremberg), Act Iii: Morning Was Gleaming, "prize Song" Start
  5. 5 John McCormack: Cradle Song 1915 (arr. of Caprice Viennois for voice) Start
  6. 6 John McCormack: The Bohemian Girl, Act Iii: Then You'll Remember Me Start
  7. 7 John McCormack: The Sunshine Of Your Smile Start
  8. 8 John McCormack: Love, Here Is My Heart Start
  9. 9 John McCormack: Tommy, Lad! Start
  10. 10 John McCormack: The Isle O' Dreams: When Irish Eyes are Smiling Start
  11. 11 Crucifix Start
  12. 12 The Star Spangled Banner Start
  13. 13 Eileen: Act I: Ireland, My Sireland Start
  14. 14 Eileen: Act II: Eileen (Alanna Asthore) Start
  15. 15 John McCormack: The Trumpet Call Start
  16. 16 John McCormack: Keep the Home Fires Burning (Till the Boys Come Home) Start
  17. 17 John McCormack: There's A Long, Long Trail Start
  18. 18 John McCormack: Any Place is Heaven if You are Near Me Start
  19. 19 The Rainbow of Love Start
  20. 20 Crucifix Start
  21. 21 John McCormack: Send Me Away with a Smile Start
  22. 22 John McCormack: Send Me Away with a Smile Start
  23. 23 John McCormack: Joseph: Joseph, Act I: Champs paternels Start
  24. 24 John McCormack: Psalm 27: The Lord is My Light Start
  25. 25 John McCormack: God be with our Boys Tonight Start
  26. 26 John McCormack: Calling Me Home to You Start

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