• John McCormack-Edition Vol.6/The Acoustic Recordings 1915/16
  • John McCormack
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Lieder & Arien von DIx, Balfe, Hadely, Speaks, Root, Schneider, Moszkowski, Meyer-Helmund, Böhm, Cowles, Nutting, Ball, Tosti, Kreisler, Strelezki, Mozart, Molloy, Nevin & Traditionals
  • Künstler: John McCormack
  • Label: Naxos, ADD/m, 1915/16
  • Bestellnummer: 9662867
  • Erscheinungstermin: 29.2.2008


Originally trained for opera, John McCormack eventually turned to the concert platform, achieving a level of success that remains legendary to this day. This sixth volume in the Naxos McCormack Edition gives us ample opportunity to experience McCormack's mastery of song and extraordinary versatility. The tracks include Victorian ballads, Italianate songs (a hybrid English parlour ballad placed in a classic Italian setting with all the elements of the genre, from the moon to the lagoon), Celtic songs, Continental songs with a Viennese flavour, and American songs such as The Vacant Chair which commemorates the death of a young Union Army lieutenant during the American Civil War, as well as ending on a D flat above high C, the highest note McCormack ever recorded. The one operatic item, Il mio tesoro from Don Giovanni, is a supreme performance of one of Mozart's most demanding arias and the last published recording from McCormack's operatic repertoire.
  1. 1 The Trumpeter Start
  2. 2 John McCormack: Come Into the Garden, Maud Start
  3. 3 John McCormack: 3 Songs, Op. 53: No. 3. Evening Song Start
  4. 4 John McCormack: Morning Start
  5. 5 John McCormack: Songs of the North: Turn Ye to Me Start
  6. 6 John McCormack: The Rosary Start
  7. 7 Adeste fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) Start
  8. 8 The Vacant Chair Start
  9. 9 John McCormack: When the Dew is Falling Start
  10. 10 6 Stucke, Op. 15 (arr. for tenor, violin and orchestra): 6 Pieces, Op. 15: No. 1. Serenata (arr. for tenor, violin and o Start
  11. 11 Carme (arr. E. DeCurtis for tenor, violin and orchestra) Start
  12. 12 Flirtation, "Des Fensterin" Start
  13. 13 Still wie die Nacht (Calm as the Night), Op. 326, No. 27 (text by A. Mattullath): Still as the Night (Still wie die Nach Start
  14. 14 John McCormack: Forgotten (A Love Song of Poland) Start
  15. 15 John McCormack: Sing, Sing, Birds on the Wing Start
  16. 16 John McCormack: God's Hand Start
  17. 17 John McCormack: The Heart of Paddy Whack: A Little Bit of Heaven Start
  18. 18 John McCormack: Venetian Song (Canzone veneziana) Start
  19. 19 John McCormack: The Old Refrain Start
  20. 20 John McCormack: Parted! Start
  21. 21 John McCormack: Dreams Start
  22. 22 John McCormack: Don Giovanni, K. 527: Act II: Il mio tesoro Start
  23. 23 John McCormack: Kerry dance: The Kerry Dance Start
  24. 24 John McCormack: Your Eyes Start
  25. 25 Little Boy Blue Start

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