On the downs; H'nacker Mill; The bonnie Earl of Murray; The
cherry trees; By a bierside; 5 Elizabethan Songs; The Aplle
Orchard; All night under the moon; The Latmian Shepherd; I
will go with my father a-ploughing; Last Hours; Catheleen
ni Houlihan; A cradle song; The fiddler of Dooney; Snow;
The Singer; nine of the clock; Epitaph in old mode; The
Ship; The Scribe; Fain woul I change that note; An Epitaph;
When death to either shall come; Thou didst delight my
eyes; The boat is chafing; Lights out

  • Künstler: Susan Bickley, Iain Burnside
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2008
  • Bestellnummer: 4550416
  • Erscheinungstermin: 27.7.2009
  1. 1 On the Downs Start
  2. 2 Ha'nacker Mill Start
  3. 3 The Bonny Earl of Murray Start
  4. 4 The Cherry Trees Start
  5. 5 By a Bierside Start
  6. 6 5 Elizabethan Songs: No. 1. Orpheus with his lute Start
  7. 7 5 Elizabethan Songs: No. 2. Tears Start
  8. 8 5 Elizabethan Songs: No. 3. Under the greenwood tree Start
  9. 9 5 Elizabethan Songs: No. 4. Sleep Start
  10. 10 5 Elizabethan Songs: No. 5. Spring Start
  11. 11 7 Sappho Songs: The Apple Orchard Start
  12. 12 All night under the moon Start
  13. 13 The Latmian Shepherd Start
  14. 14 I will go with my father a-ploughing Start
  15. 15 Last Hours Start
  16. 16 Cathleen ni Houlihan Start
  17. 17 A cradle song Start
  18. 18 The Fiddler of Dooney Start
  19. 19 Snow Start
  20. 20 The Singer Start
  21. 21 Nine of the clock Start
  22. 22 Epitaph in old mode Start
  23. 23 The Ship Start
  24. 24 The Scribe Start
  25. 25 Fain would I change that note Start
  26. 26 An Epitaph Start
  27. 27 When Death to either shall come Start
  28. 28 Thou didst delight my eyes Start
  29. 29 The boat is chafing Start
  30. 30 Lights Out: No. 4. Lights Out Start


Described by his teacher, Stanford, as 'the one who most fulfilled the accepted ideas of genius', the poet and composer Ivor Gurney composed more than 300 songs despite suffering from bipolar disorder and tuberculosis. The Five Elizabethan Songs show the young composer's astonishing limpid fluency, while Tears and Sleep rank among his most exquisite creations. Comedy, desolation and lovelorn longing all touch the music of this 'lover and maker of beauty', whose songs find ideal interpreters in Susan Bickley and Iain Burnside.

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