• Künstler: Janice Chandler-Eteme, Jevetta Steele, Kevin Deas, Taylor Gardner, Rackham Symphony Choir, Brazeal Dennard Chorale, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Wilkins
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2009
  • Bestellnummer: 8777155
  • Erscheinungstermin: 5.4.2010
  1. 1 Dear Mrs. Parks: A Prayer for the World (Audience) - The Over Soul Sends to Us (Chorus) Start
  2. 2 Dear Mrs. Parks: A Prayer for the World (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Bass, Chorus) Start
  3. 3 Dear Mrs. Parks: For We Have Walked the Streets of Babylon, Forty Thousand Strong (Chorus) Start
  4. 4 Dear Mrs. Parks: In Sacrifice (Chorus) Start
  5. 5 Dear Mrs. Parks: For the Future (Chorus) Start
  6. 6 Dear Mrs. Parks: Seeds of the World (Bass, Chorus) Start
  7. 7 Dear Mrs. Parks: Songs from Heaven Falling (Soprano, Chorus) Start
  8. 8 Dear Mrs. Parks: Like Luminous Rain Upon the Daughters of Isis (Mezzo-soprano, Chorus) Start
  9. 9 Dear Mrs. Parks: Giving Their Children the Will to Continue (Child Soprano, Chorus) Start
  10. 10 Dear Mrs. Parks: Singing a Prayer for the Souls of the World (All) Start


Dear Mrs Parks features a massive ensemble comprised of full orchestra plus two choirs and four vocal soloists. Influenced by blues, jazz, African music and Gospel music, it pays homage to Rosa Parks in the form of imaginary letters to the civil rights heroine. Hannibal Lokumbe's career in music spans over four decades. He is the recipient of numerous awards including a Bessie award, the NEA, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. He has composed works for the Kronos Quartet, the Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit and Houston symphonies.

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