Daugherty: Brooklyn Bridge für Klarinette & Band
+Burritt: Duo Concertante für Klarinette & Percussion
+Gillingham: Concertino für 4 Percussion & Bläserensemble
+David: Fantasy Etudes (Heft 2)
+McAllister: Black Dog für Klarinette & Bläserensemble

  • Künstler: John Bruce Yeh, Teresa Reilly, Molly Yeh, Columbus State University Wind Ensemble, Robert W. Rumbelow
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 1835597
  • Erscheinungstermin: 23.11.2009
  1. 1 John Bruce Yeh: Brooklyn Bridge: I. East Start
  2. 2 John Bruce Yeh: Brooklyn Bridge: II. South Start
  3. 3 John Bruce Yeh: Brooklyn Bridge: Iii. West Start
  4. 4 John Bruce Yeh: Brooklyn Bridge: IV. North Start
  5. 5 Duo Concertante Start
  6. 6 Concertino for 4 Percussion and Wind Ensemble Start
  7. 7 Fantasy Etudes, Book II: I. Boris Prime Start
  8. 8 Fantasy Etudes, Book II: II. Contrary Motion Start
  9. 9 Fantasy Etudes, Book Ii: Iii. Tri-Tetra Start
  10. 10 Fantasy Etudes, Book II: IV. Shrovetide Divergence Start
  11. 11 John Bruce Yeh: Black Dog Start


Three outstanding musicians join the Columbus State University Wind Ensemble for this thrilling addition to Naxos's popular Wind Band Classics series, which exemplifies the theme of synergy ('working together'). Described by the composer as 'a panoramic clarinet concerto', Daugherty's Brooklyn Bridge pays tribute to the splendid view from this New York landmark. Burritt's Duo Concertante, composed for John Yeh and his daughter Molly, shows the composer's affinity with jazz and popular music. In his Concertino, Gillingham pits four percussionists against the wind ensemble, David's Fantasy Etudes pay tribute to Stravinsky and Ligeti, while McAllister's Black Dog rhapsodizes on the classic Led Zeppelin song.

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