• A Hanukka Celebration - Traditionelle Lieder & Originalsätze
  • Coro Hebraeico
  • CD i **;


von Goldstein, S.& H. Adler, Miller, Low, Zilberts, Fromm, Ancis,
Shatin, Olshanetsky, Isaacson

*** Milken Archive of American Jewish Music
  • Künstler: Spiro, Miller, Haschel, Coro Hebraeico, Carolina Chamber Chorale, Conservatory of Music Wind Symphony, Rochester Singers u. a.
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 1992-2001
  • Bestellnummer: 2647009
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2.11.2004
  1. 1 B'rakhot L'hanukka - Raymond Goldstein Start
  2. 2 Hannerot Hallalu - Hugo Adler Start
  3. 3 Ma' Oz Tzur - Aaron Miller Start
  4. 4 To Celebrate A Miracle - Samuel Dler Start
  5. 5 Likhtelekh - Leo Low Start
  6. 6 Di Khanike Likht - Zavel Zilberts Start
  7. 7 Hanukka Madrigal (Mi Y'Mallel?) - Herbert Fromm Start
  8. 8 The Flames Of Freedom: O Rock Of My Salvation - Samuel Adler Start
  9. 9 The Flames Of Freedom: The Lights We Have Kindled - Samuel Adler Start
  10. 10 The Flames Of Freedom: For The Miracles - Samuel Adler Start
  11. 11 The Flames Of Freedom: Who Kindled These Lights? - Samuel Adler Start
  12. 12 The Flames Of Freedom: Into The Temple Judah Came - Samuel Adler Start
  13. 13 The Flames Of Freedom: Who Can Retell? - Samuel Adler Start
  14. 14 The Flames Of Freedom: Candles In The Night - Samuel Adler Start
  15. 15 The Flames Of Freedom: Rock Of Ages - Samuel Adler Start
  16. 16 Mizmor Shir Hannukkat Habbayit - Solomon Ancis Start
  17. 17 Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin - Judith Shatin Start
  18. 18 Adonai Z'kharanu - Alexander Olshanetsky Start
  19. 19 Aspects Of A Great Miracle: Light The Legend - Michael Isaacson Start
  20. 20 Aspects Of A Great Miracle: A Hanukka Dreidl - Michael Isaacson Start
  21. 21 Aspects Of A Great Miracle: Light - Michael Isaacson Start
  22. 22 Aspects Of A Great Miracle: Psalm 150 - Michael Isaacson Start


Hanukka, the Festival of Dedication, is celebrated by Jews everywhere to commemorate the heroic Maccabean victory in 165 B. C.E. over the Greco-Syrians in the fight for religious freedom. It marks the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem and the legend of the miraculous eight-day endurance of the light in the candelabrum. Traditional Hanukka songs from many parts of the world, along with music composed in America, enrich the experience of this beloved holiday. This recording brings old favorites and new discoveries together for a unique American Hanukka celebration.

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