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Bodleian Library: An Artful Craft, Buch

Bodleian Library
An Artful Craft

Celebrating the craft of bookbinding across the last millennium, this title is the catalogue accompanying the exhibition at the Bodleian Library, Oxford of the same name. It also illustrates magnificently…

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Minh Chung: Korean Treasures: Volume 2, Buch

Minh Chung
Korean Treasures: Volume 2

Following on from the publication of the first volume of these forgotten treasures, this book collects together further important and often unique Korean objects within the University of Oxford.

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Jerry Brotton: Talking Maps, Buch

Jerry Brotton
Talking Maps

Drawing on the Bodleian Library's outstanding map collection and covering almost a thousand years, 'Talking Maps' takes a new approach to map-making by showing how maps and stories have always been intima…

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