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Valerie Anderson: Research Methods in Human Resource Management, Buch

Valerie Anderson
Research Methods in Human Resource Management

Research Methods in Human Resource Management is a key resource for anyone undertaking a research report or dissertation. It covers the planning and execution of HRM research projects, from investigating …

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Steven Morgan: Global Contract Logistics, Buch

Steven Morgan
Global Contract Logistics

The role of a contracting professional begins well before the award of a contract and doesn't end until the benefits of the acquisition have been realised, long after the deliverables arrive in a box on a…

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Heather Townsend: How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life, Buch

Heather Townsend
How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life

Becoming a partner in a professional services firm is for many ambitious fee-earners the ultimate goal. But in this challenging industry, with long hours, high pressure and even higher expectations, how d…

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