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Grace Ji-Sun Kim: When God Became White, Buch

Grace Ji-Sun Kim
When God Became White

Grace Ji-Sun Kim explores the historical origins and theological implications of the myth of the white male God. Examining the roots of the distortion and its harmful impact on the world, Kim shows what i…

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Jieun Kiaer: Emoji Speak, Buch

Jieun Kiaer
Emoji Speak

Providing an in-depth discussion of emoji use in a global context, this volume presents the use of emoji as a hugely important facet of computer-mediated communication, leading author Jieun Kiaer to coin …

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Jieun Kiaer: Conversing in the Metaverse, Buch

Jieun Kiaer
Conversing in the Metaverse

How do metaverse technologies change how we communicate with each other? This book explores how existing metaverse technologies affect our communication, both verbal and non-verbal, as well as the ramific…

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Jieun Kiaer: Korean Tutor, Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook (Learn Korean with Teach Yourself), Buch

Jieun Kiaer
Korean Tutor, Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook (Learn Korean with Teach Yourself)

Do you want to communicate easily and freely in Korean? Master Korean grammar and broaden your vocabulary with your very own Korean Tutor. This contemporary interactive workbook features 200 activities ac…

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Jesse L Jackson: Keeping Hope Alive: Sermons and Speeches of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., Buch

Jesse L Jackson
Keeping Hope Alive: Sermons and Speeches of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

US$25.00 RELIGION / Christian Living / Social Issues RELIGION / Sermons / Christian POLITICAL SCIENCE / Civil Rights KEEPING HOPE ALIVE Sermons and Speeches of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. Edited by G…

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Sook-Hee Choi: You Are a Little Seed, Buch

Sook-Hee Choi
You Are a Little Seed

For green thumbs and giftgivers alike, this lyrical story expresses how seeds--like children--can blossom despite the odds. Discover seven different flowers that blossom from seven different kinds of see…

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Hyejeong Ahn: Lessons from a Translingual Romance, Buch

Hyejeong Ahn
Lessons from a Translingual Romance

Intercultural couples (ICs) often face unique challenges that go unnoticed. This book delves into the experiences of 20 ICs living in Singapore and explores the complexity of their experiences through the…

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