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Lard: The Last Temptation Of Reid, LP

The Last Temptation Of Reid

Product Information On paper, the collaboration between Jello Biafra and Ministry seems like a match made in industrial punk heaven, and thankfully the first release from Lard lives up to these expectati…

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Butthole Surfers: Brown Reason To Live, LP

Butthole Surfers
Brown Reason To Live

Finally back in print! Brown Reason To Live is their very first release from way back in 1983. Here it is on vintage thick wax- as it has always been! This 12-inch slab of vinyl has 7 insane songs, as cra…

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The Flaming Stars: Named & Shamed, CD

The Flaming Stars
Named & Shamed

Unlike vintage culture vultures riding the retro wave, THE FLAMING STARS-with noted pulp fiction expert Max D_charn_ as leader-seem to write themselves into the seedy realm of pulp and noir from inside ou…

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Nausea: The Punk Rock Terrorist Anthology 2, CD

The Punk Rock Terrorist Anthology 2

This anthology collects 30 tracks of rare, unreleased and live tracks, demos and covers from Nausea, one of the most influential NYC punk bands ever. NAUSEA is one of the most influential New York City pu…

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