• 1960 British Hit Parade Part 2 (Vol. 9)
  • 4 CDs i **;


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  1. 1 Milord (Edith Piaf) Start
  2. 2 Let The Little Girl Dance (Billy Bland) Start
  3. 3 Green Jeans (The Fleerekkers) Start
  4. 4 Robot Man (Connie Francis) Start
  5. 5 Mama (Connie Francis) Start
  6. 6 Lucky Five (Russ Conway) Start
  7. 7 The Fight (Marty Wilde) Start
  8. 8 The Urge (Freddie Cannon) Start
  9. 9 Sweet Dreams (Dave Sampson) Start
  10. 10 Big Time (Adam Faith) Start
  11. 11 That s You (Nat King Cole) Start
  12. 12 I Wanna Go Home (Lonnie Donegan) Start
  13. 13 True Love Ways (Buddy Holly) Start
  14. 14 That s Love (Billy Fury with The Four Jays) Start
  15. 15 Paper Roses (Anita Bryant) Start
  16. 16 You ll Never Know What You re Missin (Emile Ford & The Checkmates) Start
  17. 17 Got A Girl (Four Preps) Start
  18. 18 Baby My Heart (The Crickets) Start
  19. 19 Big Iron (Marty Robbins) Start
  20. 20 Ain t Misbehavin (Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers) Start
  21. 21 Mustapha (Bob Azzam) Start
  22. 22 Heart Of A Teenage Girl (George Chakiris) Start
  23. 23 Burnin' Bridges (Jack Scott) Start
  24. 24 Sing Like An Angel (Jerry Lordan) Start
  25. 25 Paper Roses (Maureen Evans) Start
  26. 26 Little Christine (Dick Jordan) Start
  27. 27 Twelfth Street Rag (Bert Weedon) Start
  28. 28 Angela Jones (Michael Cox) Start
  29. 29 Baby Baby Bye Bye (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  30. 30 Rockin Redwing (Sammy Masters)
  31. 31 Goodnight Sweet Prince (Mr Acker Bilk)
  32. 32 River Stay Way From My Door (Frank Sinatra)
  33. 33 Happy To Make Your Acquaintance (Sammy Davis Jr & Carmen McRae)
  34. 34 Down Yonder (Johnny And The Hurricanes)
  35. 35 Good Timin (Jimmy Jones)
  36. 36 Pistol Packin Mama (Gene Vincent)
  37. 37 Shakin All Over (Johnny Kidd And The Pirates)
  38. 38 Green Fields (Brothers Four)
  39. 39 You re Singing Our Love Song To Somebody Else (Jerry Wallace)
  40. 40 How Do You Know Its Love (Teresa Brewer)
  41. 41 What A Mouth (Tommy Steele)
  42. 42 Walking The Floor Over You ( Pat Boone)
  43. 43 He'll Have To Stay (Jeanne Black)
  44. 44 Green Fields (Beverley Sisters)
  45. 45 Talking Army Blues (Josh Macrae )
  46. 46 Why Didn t You Tell Me (Marke Anthony)
  47. 47 Mountain Of Love (Kenny Lynch)
  48. 48 When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Adam Faith with John Barry & His Orchestra)
  49. 49 Made You (Adam Faith with John Barry & His Orchestra)
  50. 50 Bill Bailey Won t You Please Come Home (Bobby Darin)
  51. 51 Please Don t Tease (Cliff Richard)
  52. 52 Cherry Pie (Jess Conrad)
  53. 53 Swinging School (Bobby Rydell)
  54. 54 I m Sorry (Brenda Lee)
  55. 55 Look For A Star (Jericho Brown)
  56. 56 Angela Jones (Johnny Ferguson)
  57. 57 The Lady Is A Tramp (Buddy Greco)
  58. 58 Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Brian Hyland)
  59. 59 Wonderful World (Sam Cooke)
  60. 60 Young Emotions (Ricky Nelson)
  61. 61 We re Only Young Once (The Avons)
  62. 62 Love Is Like A Violin (Ken Dodd)
  63. 63 Look For A Star (Gary Mills)
  64. 64 Paper Roses (Kaye Sisters)
  65. 65 Never Let Go (John Barry Seven)
  66. 66 When Will I Be Loved (Everly Brothers)
  67. 67 If She Should Come To You (Anthony Newley)
  68. 68 Come Back Again (Anne Shelton)
  69. 69 Make me know it (Elvis Presley)
  70. 70 Angry (Marty Wilde)
  71. 71 Banjo Boy (Jan And Kjeld)
  72. 72 Is A Bluebird Blue (Conway Twitty)
  73. 73 Because They re Young (Duane Eddy)
  74. 74 Romantica (Jane Morgan)
  75. 75 Happy-Go-Lucky-Me (George Formby)
  76. 76 Banjo Boy (George Formby)
  77. 77 Apache (The Shadows) u.a.

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Product Information

Acrobat Music’s series of British Hit Parade collections has become an essential annual purchase for a significant number of collectors and enthusiasts who wish to hear and own every record that entered the British record charts during each year. This year, the collection moves out of the ‘50s, and with the introduction of the Record Retailer Top 50 chart in 1960 alongside the NME, MM, Disc and Record Mirror charts, the number of records qualifying for inclusion has risen significantly – no less than 353 titles. Because many of them were extraordinarily short, these can be accommodated on 12 CDs, and we have chosen to present the series in three 4-CD collections, our now established format. Part Two includes, in chronological order of chart entry, the original versions of every record that featured in the charts mentioned between mid-May and the beginning of September (one 1st. Sept. entry closes Part 2) with nearly four hours of eclectic and fascinating entertainment. The music of 1960 reflected the way the business was in a state of flux - teen idols stepping into the shoes of the rock ‘n’ roll pioneers, instrumental hits of all kinds making a strong showing, glamorous pop starlets, ‘50s icons still hanging in there, trad jazz taking over from the last vestiges of skiffle, international novelties, and of course, some important new names emerging alongside a fine array of one-hit wonders. The three collections, each with nearly 120 tracks, tell an absorbing story of a musical year which heralded a momentous decade. You may be aware that another company has made an opportunist attempt to mimic our series – we like to think that Acrobat’s are the “official” version, and we offer the only complete, comprehensive, coherent annual series. We thank our customers for supporting our British hit Parade releases, and are sure this will one will prove as popular as the rest.

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