1. 1 Cathedrals: In A Nutshell By Jonathan Gregson Start
  2. 2 Some Ascribe The Special Qualities Of A Great Cathedral... Start
  3. 3 In Some Cases... Start
  4. 4 In The Iberian Peninsula... Start
  5. 5 Some Early Cathedrals... Start
  6. 6 Many Of These Bishops Were Warriors... Start
  7. 7 Rodin Discerned In The Great Romanesque Cathedrals... Start
  8. 8 When Abbot Sugar Died In 1151... Start
  9. 9 A New Dynamism Was Abroad... Start
  10. 10 Princes, Nobles, And City Patricians... Start
  11. 11 Another Of The Cathedral's Duties... Start
  12. 12 The Great Age Of Cathedral Building... Start
  13. 13 In Catholic Europe... Start
  14. 14 The Need For New Cathedrals... Start


Cathedrals have been among the most imposing, astonishing and inspiring buildings in Europe. Regardless of faith, their scale and architectural daring has never ceased to spark wonder. This guide traces the development of the cathedral from its earliest beginnings as a Bishop’s house, through the Romanesque and Gothic periods and up to the most extravagant contemporary designs around the world. In doing so, it sheds light on social, religious and architectural history, as well as bringing the story of these extraordinary buildings to life.

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