• Label: Repertoire, 1969-71
  • Bestellnummer: 7589047
  • Erscheinungstermin: 20.1.2006

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The Beatles loved Grapefruit so much that they signed them to their Apple Music Publishing Company. John Lennon even suggested the band’s name. George Alexander (the brother of George Young of The Easybeats) was the leader, joined by John Perry and brothers Pete and Geoff Swettenham, formerly of Tony Rivers & The Castaways. The fruity ones enjoyed a hit single with ‘Dear Delilah’ in 1968 and released debut album ‘Around Grapefruit’, acclaimed for its orchestral arrangements and vocal harmonies. ‘Deep Water’, Grapefruit’s second album, was released in 1969 and marked a seismic switch towards soul, rock and country influences. We have added six bonus tracks to the original album, including four single versions plus two other recordings.
  1. 1 Deep water Start
  2. 2 Can't find me Start
  3. 3 Thunder and lightning Start
  4. 4 Lady Goodiva Start
  5. 5 The right direction Start
  6. 6 L.A. and back again Start
  7. 7 Come down to the station Start
  8. 8 A dizzy day Start
  9. 9 Blues In Your Head Start
  10. 10 Time to leave Start
  11. 11 Deep water (Mono Single Mix) Start
  12. 12 Come down to the station (Mono Single Mix) Start
  13. 13 Thunder and lightning (Single Mix) Start
  14. 14 Blues In Your Head (Single Edit) Start
  15. 15 Sha-sha Start
  16. 16 Universal party Start

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