1. 1 Let It Roll Start
  2. 2 I'm Your Spiritual Breadman Start
  3. 3 Hymn To Everyone Start
  4. 4 Mention My Name Start
  5. 5 Don't Want No War No More Start
  6. 6 Momma's Getting Married Start
  7. 7 Paper Head, Paper Mind Start
  8. 8 Oh Lord Start
  9. 9 Sweet Patti O'Hara Smith Start
  10. 10 Mister Freako Start



A superbly informative six page booklet accompanies this CD release of Ashton Gardner & Dyke’s second LP. Originally issued in 1970 by Capitol Records, this ten track collection includes group classics like ‘Let It Rock’ and ‘Momma‘s Getting Married’ and comes complete with original artwork.

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