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Weitere Ausgaben von The Best Of The Easybeats



Inspired by The Beatles, The Easybeats were also caught up in a wave of pop hysteria, as their records sold in millions. Founder members Harry Vanda, Dick Diamonde, Steve Wright, George Young and Gordon 'Snowy' Fleet all originally came from Europe, but formed The Easybeats in Sydney, Australia in 1964. They enjoyed many hits ‘down under’ before relocating to England in 1966. This ‘Best Of’ CD collection has 20 essential Easybeats single and album tracks, recorded during their stay in London with producer Shel Talmy. A special bonus track features Stevie Wright singing on his solo single ‘Evie’.
  1. 1 Friday on my mind Start
  2. 2 Good times Start
  3. 3 St. Louis Start
  4. 4 River deep mountain high Start
  5. 5 Who'll be the one Start
  6. 6 Pretty girl Start
  7. 7 Saturday night Start
  8. 8 Remember Sam Start
  9. 9 I can't stand it Start
  10. 10 Heaven and hell Start
  11. 11 Land of make believe Start
  12. 12 Hello how are you Start
  13. 13 Happy is the man Start
  14. 14 The music goes round my head Start
  15. 15 Falling Off The Edge Of The World Start
  16. 16 Come in you'll get pneumonia Start
  17. 17 Made my bed gonna lie in it Start
  18. 18 Rock and roll boogie Start
  19. 19 All gone boy Start
  20. 20 Do you have a soul Start
  21. 21 Evie (Stevie Wright Solo Single) Start

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