1. 1 Archie's Theme (Everything's Archie) Start
  2. 2 Bang Shang-A-Lang Start
  3. 3 Boys And Girls Start
  4. 4 Time For Love Start
  5. 5 You Make Me Wanna Dance Start
  6. 6 La Dee Doo Down Down Start
  7. 7 Truck Driver Start
  8. 8 Catchin' Up On Fun Start
  9. 9 I'm In Love Start
  10. 10 Seventeen Ain't Young Start
  11. 11 Ride, Ride, Ride Start
  12. 12 Hide And Seek Start
  13. 13 Bang Shang-A-Lang (Mono Single Version) Start
  14. 14 Truck Driver (Mono Single Version) Start
*** Miniature LP-Sleeve (Digisleeve)



American music promoter Don Kirshner was the man behind The Monkees in 1966. They became both a television and record sales phenomenon, but when the group members insisted that they should play their own instruments and write their own songs, Kirshner tired of the project. So in 1968 he unleashed a pop act that would never answer back - for they were cartoon characters! The Archies cartoons had debuted in a 1940s’ newspaper, which in turn spawned a series of comic books. Produced by Jeff Barry – who also wrote most of the songs – our package revisits their first LP, adding the Mono single cuts ‘Bang Shang-A-Lang’/’Truck Driver’ that were paired as an introductory single. Prepare to be enchanted, as you listen and read about the remarkable coterie of big names who provided the voices for our ‘cardboard cutouts’!

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