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Ponce. Preludio; 2.Satz aus der Gitarrensonate Nr. 2
+Romero: Tango Angelita
+Brouwer: cancion de cuna
+Morel: Al Maestro
+Barrios Mangore: La catedral; Waler op. 8 Nr. 4
+Cantoral: El reloj
+Romero: Guasa
+Iradier: La Paloma
+Coves: Chelitango
+Ramirez: Alfonsina y el mar
+Piazzolla / Ferrer: Chiquilin de Bachin

  • Künstler: Vicente Coves, Gitarre
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2005/2009
  • Bestellnummer: 4979452
  • Erscheinungstermin: 3.1.2011
  1. 1 Vicente Coves: Preludio Start
  2. 2 Vicente Coves: Tango Angelita Start
  3. 3 Vicente Coves: Cancion de cuna Start
  4. 4 Vicente Coves: Guitar Sonata No. 3: II. Chanson: Andantino molto espressivo Start
  5. 5 Vicente Coves: Al Maestro Start
  6. 6 Vicente Coves: La catedral : I. Saudade Start
  7. 7 Vicente Coves: La catedral : II. Andante religioso Start
  8. 8 Vicente Coves: La Catedral : Iii. Allegro Solemne Start
  9. 9 Vicente Coves: El Reloj (arr. V. Coves for guitar) Start
  10. 10 Vicente Coves: Guasa Start
  11. 11 Vicente Coves: La Paloma (arr. V. Coves for guitar) Start
  12. 12 Vicente Coves: Chelitango Start
  13. 13 Vicente Coves: Vals, Op. 8, No. 4 Start
  14. 14 Vicente Coves: Alfonsina y el mar (arr. V. Coves for guitar) Start
  15. 15 Chiquilin de Bachin (arr. V. Coves for vocal, narrator, guitar and piano) Start


Awarded the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory's Rubinstein Medal, classical guitarist Vicente Coves presents a beguiling recital of music from Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay and Spain in which Classical and folk music, Afro-Cuban jazz and avant-garde influences, passion and pathos may all be heard. Vicente Coves is accompanied on Chiquilín de Bachín by the legendary flamenco artist Enrique Morente and Nobel Prize-nominated poet Horacio Ferrer, in a performance taken from a concert recital in Seville. The Naxos Guitar Collection is the world's largest catalogue of recordings of the classical guitar with music from Bach to Villa-Lobos, Paganini to Sor, all performed by leading guitarists from around the world.

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