• Thomas Viloteau - Guitar Recital
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Llobet: Variaciones sobre un tema de Sor op. 15
+Tansman: Cavatina
+Brouwer: Rito de los Orishas
+Ginastera: Gitarrensonate op. 47
+Dyens: Triaela

  • Künstler: Thomas Viloteau
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 1558373
  • Erscheinungstermin: 3.9.2007
  1. 1 Thomas Viloteau: Variations on a Theme of Sor, Op. 15 Start
  2. 2 Thomas Viloteau: Cavatine: I. Preludio Start
  3. 3 Thomas Viloteau: Cavatine: II. Sarabande Start
  4. 4 Thomas Viloteau: Cavatine: Iii. Scherzino Start
  5. 5 Thomas Viloteau: Cavatine: IV. Barcarole Start
  6. 6 Thomas Viloteau: Rito de los Orishas: I. Exordium - conjuro (Introduction - Incantation, Exorcism) Start
  7. 7 Thomas Viloteau: Rito de los Orishas: II. Danza de las diosas negras (Dance of the Black Goddesses) Start
  8. 8 Thomas Viloteau: Guitar Sonata, Op. 47: I. Esordio Start
  9. 9 Thomas Viloteau: Guitar Sonata, Op. 47: II. Scherzo Start
  10. 10 Thomas Viloteau: Guitar Sonata, Op. 47: Iii. Canto Start
  11. 11 Thomas Viloteau: Guitar Sonata, Op. 47: IV. Finale Start
  12. 12 Thomas Viloteau: Triaela: I. Light Motif (Takemitsu au Bresil) Start
  13. 13 Thomas Viloteau: Triaela: II. Black Horn (when Spain meets Jazz) Start
  14. 14 Thomas Viloteau: Triaela: Iii. Clown Down (Gismonti Au Cirque) Start


Thomas Viloteau, First Prize Winner in the 2006 Guitar Foundation of America Competition, has studied at the Barcelona Conservatorio Superior de Música under Joan Furio, and at the École Normale in Paris with Alberto Ponce. In this recital he presents a varied selection from some of the finest composers for guitar, from Alberto Ginastera and Leo Brouwer to the French- Tunisian Roland Dyens, with whom Viloteau studied in Paris.

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