+Alkan: Les Diablotins
+Bach: Toccata & Fuge d-moll
+Bax: The Devil that Tempted St. Anthony
+Berlioz: Chorus of the Damned & The Demons
+Gounod: Le Veau D'Or Est Toujours Debout
+J. Strauss II: Meiphistos Höllenrufe
+Ligeti: L'Escalier du Diable
+Liszt: Mephisto-Walzer Nr. 1; Mephistopheles
+Meynaud: Faust; Obiet Trouve Avant Luis
+Prokofieff: Mephisto-Walzer
+Rodrigo: The Devil's Seguidillas
+Saeverud: The Devil's 5-Hop
+Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre
+Schubert: The Devil's Pleasure Castle
+Schumann: Szenen aus Goethes Faust
+Strawinsky: The Devil's Dance; Triumphal March of the Devil
+Tartini: The Devil's Trill Sonata
+Vaughan Williams: Santan's Dance of Triumpf
+Wagner: Faust-Ouvertüre
+Wuorinen: The Mission of Virgil - Satan
  • Künstler: Bin Huang, Giuseppe Andaloro, English Northern Philharmonia Orchester, Franz Liszt Academy of Music Orchestra Orchester, Jean-Claude Casadesus, Christian Benda
  • Label: Naxos, DDD
  • Bestellnummer: 3277309
  • Erscheinungstermin: 1.2.2010


Postpone whatever good deed you were just about to do, clear your mind of virtuous thoughts, indulge in the politically incorrect stimulant of your choice, and turn your stereo up really, really loud so you can incense your neighbors as you listen to this sinfully transcendent collection of music suffused with the darkness that enshrouds my heart and, I hope, yours. - Lucifer

Disk 1 von 2

  1. 1 Toccata And Fugue In D Minor, Bwv 565 (Arr. L. Stokowski For Orchestra) Start
  2. 2 Peer Gynt Suite, Op. 28: I. Faens Femsteg (The Devil's Five-Hop) Start
  3. 3 La damnation de Faust, Op. 24, Part IV Scene 19: Pandemonium: Irimiru Karabrao! Start
  4. 4 Oliver de Mones: Faust I, "Cello Sonata No. 1": IV. Faust Start
  5. 5 Oliver de Mones: Faust I, "cello Sonata No. 1": Viii. Objet Trouve Avant Luis Start
  6. 6 Artur Pizarro: 4 Estampas andaluzas (4 Andalusian Pictures): No. 3. Seguidillas del diablo (The Devil's Seguidillas) Start
  7. 7 Violin Sonata in G minor, "The Devil's Trill" Start
  8. 8 The Mission of Virgil (chamber version): VI. Satan Start
  9. 9 Job: Job - A Masque for Dancing, Scene II: Satan's Dance of Triumph Start
  10. 10 Giuseppe Andaloro: Der Tanz in der Dorfschenke, S514/R181, "Mephisto Waltz No. 1" Start
  11. 11 Histoire Du Soldat Suite (The Soldier's Tale Suite) : Vii. The Devil's Dance Start
  12. 12 Histoire du soldat Suite (The Soldier's Tale Suite) : IX. Triumphal March of the Devil Start
  13. 13 A Faust Overture Start

Disk 2 von 2

  1. 1 Danse macabre Start
  2. 2 Waltz Suite For Orchestra, Op. 110: Iii. Mephisto Waltz Start
  3. 3 Des Teufels Lustschloss, D. 84: Overture Start
  4. 4 The Devil that Tempted St Anthony Start
  5. 5 Laurent Martin: Esquisses, Op. 63: 48 Esquisses, Op. 63: No. 45. Les diablotins Start
  6. 6 Mephisto's Hollenrufe, Waltz, Op. 101 Start
  7. 7 Idil Biret: Etudes, Book 2: No. 13. L'escalier du diable Start
  8. 8 Scenen aus Goethes Faust, WoO 3 Start
  9. 9 Samuel Ramey: Faust : Faust, Act I Scene 2: Le veau d'or est toujours debout Start
  10. 10 Eine Faust-Symphonie In Drei Charakterbildern, S108/R425: Iii. Mephistopheles Start

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