On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring; Summer Night on the
River; Irmelin-Vorspiel; By the River aus "Florida Suite";
Aquarelle Nr. 1 & 2; Scherzo; Fantastic Dance; The Walk to
the Paradise Garden aus "A Village Romeo and Juliet";
Winter Night aus "Three Small Tone Poems"; Idylle de
Printemps; La Calinda & Closing Scene aus "Koanga" Akt II

  • Künstler: Susannah Glanville, Irene Evans, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, David Lloyd-Jones u. a.
  • Label: Naxos, DDD
  • Bestellnummer: 2441173
  • Erscheinungstermin: 30.5.2008
  1. 1 2 Pieces for Small Orchestra: No. 1. On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring Start
  2. 2 2 Pieces for Small Orchestra: No. 2. Summer Night on the River Start
  3. 3 Irmelin: Prelude Start
  4. 4 Florida Suite: II. By the River Start
  5. 5 2 Aquarelles: No. 1: Lento, ma non troppo Start
  6. 6 2 Aquarelles: No. 2: Gaily, but not quick Start
  7. 7 Scherzo Start
  8. 8 Fantastic Dance Start
  9. 9 A Village Romeo and Juliet: The Walk to the Paradise Garden Start
  10. 10 3 Small Tone Poems: No. 2. Winter Night, "Sleigh Ride" Start
  11. 11 Idylle Printemps Start
  12. 12 Koanga (arr. E. Fenby for orchestra): Koanga, Act II: La Calinda (arr. E. Fenby) Start
  13. 13 Koanga: Final Scene (arr. T. Beecham): Koanga, Act II: Closing Scene (arr. T. Beecham) Start


Frederick Delius had a strong champion in the conductor Sir Thomas Beecham, who praised the composer as "the last great apostle of romantic beauty in music". This rhapsodic intensity of feeling is nowhere more evident than in the luscious harmonies of his exquisite idylls, The Walk to the Paradise Garden and On Hearing The First Cuckoo In Spring. La Calinda, from Delius' second opera, Koanga, has achieved worldwide popularity."

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