• The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes V
  • 3 CDs i **;


The Reigate Squire;The Boscombe Valley
Mystery;The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet;
The Yellow Face
Sprecher: David Timson

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  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 01
  • Bestellnummer: 3273573
  • Erscheinungstermin: 9.9.2002

Disk 1 von 3

  1. 1 Reigate Squire Start
  2. 2 'It Was Destined, However' Start
  3. 3 "Inspector Forrester, Sir" Start
  4. 4 'An Hour and a Half Had Elapsed' Start
  5. 5 'We Passed the Pretty Cottage' Start
  6. 6 Stone-Flagged Passage' Start
  7. 7 'Sherlock Holmes Was as Good as His Word' Start
  8. 8 'And Now I Have to Consider the Motive' Start
  9. 9 Boscombe Valley Mystery Start
  10. 10 "Boscombe Valley Is a Country District" Start
  11. 11 'He Picked Out from His Bundle' Start
  12. 12 'It Was Nearly Four O'Clock' Start
  13. 13 'I Walked Down to the Station With Them' Start

Disk 2 von 3

  1. 1 'There Was No Rain'
  2. 2 'The Boscombe Pool'
  3. 3 'Having Left Lestrade at His Rooms'
  4. 4 'The Man Who Entered Was a Strange and Impressive Figure'
  5. 5 "It Was in the Early '60's at the Diggings"
  6. 6 Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
  7. 7 "It Is, Of Course, Well Known to You"
  8. 8 "And Now a Word as to My Household"
  9. 9 "I Come to a Part of My Story Now"
  10. 10 Sherlock Holmes Sat Silent for Some Few Minutes
  11. 11 Fairbank Was a Good-Sized House of White Stone
  12. 12 Banker's Dressing-Room
  13. 13 It Was Obvious to Me That My Companion's Mind

Disk 3 von 3

  1. 1 'I Waited Until Midnight'
  2. 2 "I Will Tell You, Then, What Occured"
  3. 3 "It Is an Old Maxim of Mine"
  4. 4 Yellow Face
  5. 5 'An Instant Later Our Door Opened'
  6. 6 "I'll Tell You What I Know About Effie's History"
  7. 7 "Well, Last Monday Evening I Was Taking a Stroll"
  8. 8 "I Should Have Gone to the City That Day"
  9. 9 "It Was All Still and Quiet Upon the Ground Floor"
  10. 10 Holmes and I Had Listened With the Utmost Interest
  11. 11 'He Was Waiting on the Platform When We Stepped Out'
  12. 12 "That Is John Hebron of Atlanta"


Dr Watson comments ‘The stage lost a fine actor’ when Holmes chose to devote his formidable talents to the solution of crime. two of these stories, The Reigate Squire and The Adventure of Beryl Coronet, Holmes demonstrates his thespian powers as he unravels the mysteries. In the first he explains a rural murder while in the second, Holmes’ timely intervention prevents something of a national – even royal – scandal. The Boscombe Valley Mystery takes Holmes and Watson once again to the English countryside, but the famous detective uncovers old Australian animosities to get to the root of the problem. The Yellow Face, which concludes the selection, is one of the most fascinating in the whole canon, raising some key social issues of the time.

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