+3 Piano Preludes; Of Musique, Poetrie, Art and Love; 4 Composer Portratis; Sonate für Flöte & Klavier; Soundings; Pasiphae
  • Künstler: Laura Melton, Elizabeth Farnum, Carol Wincenc, John Sampen, Roger Schupp, Bowling Green Philharmonia, Emily Freeman Brown
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2006/2007
  • Bestellnummer: 8585574
  • Erscheinungstermin: 9.1.2009


Professor-emeritus at the Eastman School of Music, Samuel Adler has published more than 400 works and has won many prestigious awards. Wild, colourful and complex, Pasiphae was inspired by Jackson Pollack's huge canvas of the same name, while Four Composer Portraits salutes a diverse quartet of great American musicians, and the Three Piano Pieces are dedicated to virtuoso interpreters of Adler's music. Of Musique, Poetrie, Art, and Love sets poems by the 17th-century cavalier poet Robert Herrick. Soundings demands immense technical prowess of the performers, as, in their different ways, do the Piano Concerto No. 3 and the Flute Sonata.
  1. 1 3 Piano Preludes: No. 1. Rushing Waters Start
  2. 2 3 Piano Preludes: No. 2. Dream Sequence Start
  3. 3 3 Piano Preludes: No. 3. Paradelle Start
  4. 4 Of Musique, Poetrie, Art, and Love: I. Of Musique, Poetrie, Art, and Love Start
  5. 5 Of Musique, Poetrie, Art, and Love: II. The Cheat of Cupid: Or, The Ungentle Guest Start
  6. 6 Of Musique, Poetrie, Art, And Love: Iii. His Poetrie His Pillar Start
  7. 7 Of Musique, Poetrie, Art, and Love: IV. The Wounded Cupid Song Start
  8. 8 Of Musique, Poetrie, Art, and Love: V. Art Above Nature: To Julia Start
  9. 9 Of Musique, Poetrie, Art, and Love: VI. The Mad Maid's Song Start
  10. 10 4 Composer Portraits: No. 1. Milton (Babbitt) Start
  11. 11 4 Composer Portraits: No. 2. Ned (Rorem) Start
  12. 12 4 Composer Portraits: No. 3. Gunther (Schuller) Start
  13. 13 4 Composer Portraits: No. 4. David (Diamond) Start
  14. 14 Flute Sonata: I. Dialogue Start
  15. 15 Flute Sonata: II. Meditation Start
  16. 16 Flute Sonata: Iii. Scherzo - Finale Start
  17. 17 Soundings Start
  18. 18 Pasiphae Start
  19. 19 Piano Concerto No. 3 Start

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