Werke von Liuto, Palestrina, Lasso, Rore

  • Künstler: Marco Pesci, Laute
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2003
  • Bestellnummer: 7971309
  • Erscheinungstermin: 16.4.2007
  1. 1 Marco Pesci: Prelude Start
  2. 2 Marco Pesci: Fantasia Start
  3. 3 Marco Pesci: Galliard Start
  4. 4 Marco Pesci: Prelude Start
  5. 5 Marco Pesci: Fantasia Start
  6. 6 Marco Pesci: Vestiva i colli (arr. for lute) Start
  7. 7 Marco Pesci: Vestiva i colli (arr. for lute): Cosi le chiome (arr. for lute) Start
  8. 8 Marco Pesci: Branle Start
  9. 9 Marco Pesci: Prelude Start
  10. 10 Marco Pesci: Passomezo Start
  11. 11 Marco Pesci: Prelude Start
  12. 12 Marco Pesci: Susanne un jour (arr. for lute) Start
  13. 13 Marco Pesci: Galliard Start
  14. 14 Marco Pesci: Prelude Start
  15. 15 Marco Pesci: Fantasia Start
  16. 16 Marco Pesci: Galliard Start
  17. 17 Marco Pesci: Anchor che col partire (arr. for lute): Ancor che col partire (arr. for lute) Start
  18. 18 Marco Pesci: Prelude Start
  19. 19 Marco Pesci: Fantasia Start
  20. 20 Marco Pesci: Prelude Start


Lorenzino del Liuto was one of the most famous and accomplished virtuosi of the lute, as well as a composer who strongly influenced Italian and foreign lute literature. Anthologies of his work circulated throughout the cities of Europe for many years after his early death. The present selection of preludes, fantasias and dances is mostly derived from a 1603 collection published in Cologne by Jean-Baptiste Besard.

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