Werke von Frisk, Bellman / Sund, Tormis, Mozart / Sund,
Thielemans / Sund, Olrog / Sund, Tempo / Stevens / Sund,
Bornemark / Lindberg, Guglielmi / Sund, Kuula, Broberg / Sund,
Loewe / Sund

  • Künstler: Orphei Drängar
  • Label: BIS, ADD, 1987-1990
  • Bestellnummer: 2830811
  • Erscheinungstermin: 16.11.2004
  1. 1 Sveriges Flaggst ng Start
  2. 2 Joakim Uti Babylon Start
  3. 3 Vem Kan Segla/Fj riln Vingad Start
  4. 4 Kolm Mul Oli Kaunist S na Start
  5. 5 [Excerpt] with variations [Med Variationer] Start
  6. 6 Stadshotellet I Kalmar Start
  7. 7 Bluesette Start
  8. 8 Balladen Om Herr Rosenbloms Spelem n Start
  9. 9 Teach Me Tiger Start
  10. 10 Sudda, Sudda Start
  11. 11 Yuppie-Rap Start
  12. 12 La Vie en Rose Start
  13. 13 Kulldansen Start
  14. 14 At the Top/Rock Around the Clock Start
  15. 15 Iltapilvi Start
  16. 16 Bedragarens V g Start
  17. 17 Carola Start
  18. 18 I Could Have Danced All Night Start


Guest artist including Margareta Krook, Toots Thielemans, Robert Broberg, Gösta Ekman and Barbara Hendricks

When one of the world’s greatest male choirs – made up of students past and present of venerable Uppsala University, founded in 1477 – lets its collective hair down, anything can happen. And anything does happen once a year, at the traditional ‘Caprice’ concerts in December, invariably involving illustrious guest artists who usually do what no one would have expected of them.

In this our fifth collection of highlights from these high-octane happenings, OD is joined by international celebrities Toots Thielemans and Barbara Hendricks (singing La vie en rose with a huge and adoring all-male backing chorus!) as well as some of Swedish best-loved actors and entertainers. For followers of OD, these yearly offerings have become a drug they cannot do without – and we are happy to announce that their twelve-month wait is over: Caprices Volume 5 is here!

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