Klaviersonaten op. 40 Nr. 1-3 & op. 50 Nr. 1-3

  • Künstler: Howard Shelley, Klavier
  • Label: Hyperion, DDD, 2009
  • Bestellnummer: 1136923
  • Erscheinungstermin: 22.10.2010

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Sonaten op. 40 Nr. 1-3 (für Klavier)

  1. 1 Nr. 1, 1. Satz: Allegro molto vivace Start
  2. 2 Nr. 1, 2. Satz: Adagio, sostenuto e cantabile Start
  3. 3 Nr. 1, 3. Satz: Allegro Start
  4. 4 Nr. 2, 1. Satz: Molto adagaio e sostenuto - Allegro con fuoco e con espressione Start
  5. 5 Nr. 2, 2. Satz: Largo, mesto e patetico Start
  6. 6 Nr. 3, 1. Satz: Adagio molto - Allegro Start
  7. 7 Nr. 2, 3. Satz: Allegro - Tempo primo - Presto Start
  8. 8 Nr. 3, 2. Satz: Adagio con molto espressione Start
  9. 9 Nr. 3, 3. Satz: Allegro Start
  10. 10 Nr. 1, 4. Satz: Finale: Presto Start

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Sonaten op. 50 Nr. 1-3 (für Klavier)

  1. 1 Nr. 1, 1. Satz: Allegro maestoso e con sentimento
  2. 2 Nr. 1, 2. Satz: Adagio sostenuto e patetico
  3. 3 Nr. 1, 3. Satz: Allegro vivace
  4. 4 Nr. 2, 1. Satz: Allegro non troppo ma con enrgia
  5. 5 Nr. 2, 2. Satz: Adagio con espressione
  6. 6 Nr. 2, 3. Satz: Allegro con fuoco, ma non troppo presto
  7. 7 Nr. 3, 1. Satz: Largo patetico e sostenuto - Allegro ma con espressione
  8. 8 Nr. 3, 2. Satz: Adagio dolente
  9. 9 Nr. 3, 3. Satz: Allegro agitato, e con disperazione



Howard Shelley’s series of Clementi’s Piano Sonatas has received the highest critical acclaim and reawoken interest in this important body of piano music. Today, the composer has been overshadowed by his great rivals; but, as this unique series has shown, the best of his sonatas can equal Mozart and Haydn and were clearly a huge influence on the young Beethoven.

This sixth and final volume contains some of the most complex, virtuosic and large-scale works that Clementi wrote for the keyboard, written for performance in London concert halls, by the great pianists of the day, for a fashionable and discerning audience.


'Each volume has shown remarkable variety from Clement's fervid imagination … For all the temptation to compare Clementi with his more familiar contemporaries, a clear and distinctive voice appears through this overview of the complete sonatas. Shelley's technical security allows him to project a sense of ease and spontaneity … The complete set proves a benchmark which I doubt will be moved for a very long time' (BBC Music Magazine)

'This must be one of the most handsome of all recent homages to a lesser-known composer, with nothing about the performances, recording quality or presentation falling short of first-class … Shelley is a perfect advocate for this music, the limpidness of his playing being allied to utter sensitivity of dynamic and phrasing … A heartening achievement on all counts' (Gramophone)

'This is a most attractive and sparkling account on Clement's final sonatas and brings to a satisfying conclusion Howard Shelley's survey of Clementi… the sound captured on the recording more than lives up to expectations' (International Record Review)

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