+O nata lux aus "Lux aeterna"; Madrigali; Les Chansons des Roses; Mid-Winter Songs
  • Künstler: L'eslie de' Ath (Klavier), Elora Festival Singers, Noel Edison
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2006
  • Bestellnummer: 2456394
  • Erscheinungstermin: 28.9.2009


Morten Lauridsen is America's preeminent composer of choral music. Characterized by long, arching and highly expressive lines, his works are enjoyed by performers and audiences worldwide. O nata lux, perhaps Lauridsen's most popular work, is a serene evocation of heavenly light, while the searingly intense and technically demanding Madrigali inhabit a more feverish and earthy realm. The refined Les Chansons des Roses employ a design reminiscent of the formal gardens, filled with roses, found in the grounds of the great French châteaux. The unforgettable final movement is the now-famous Dirait-on. The Mid-Winter Songs for chorus and piano are a stunning example of compositional virtuosity. O magnum mysterium, for a cappella chorus, is a setting of a Christmas text that has inspired composers from Victoria to Poulenc.
  1. 1 Lux aeterna: Lux Aeterna: O nata lux Start
  2. 2 Madrigali: No. 1. Ov'e, lass', il bel viso? Start
  3. 3 Madrigali: No. 2. Quando son piu lontan Start
  4. 4 Madrigali: No. 3. Amor, lo sento l'alma Start
  5. 5 Madrigali: No. 4. Io piango, che 'l dolore Start
  6. 6 Madrigali: No. 5. Luci serene e chiare Start
  7. 7 Madrigali: No. 6. Se per havervi, oime, donato il core Start
  8. 8 Les Chansons des roses: No. 1. En une seule fleur Start
  9. 9 Les Chansons des roses: No. 2. Contre qui, rose Start
  10. 10 Les Chansons des roses: No. 3. De ton reve trop plein Start
  11. 11 Les Chansons des roses: No. 4. La Rose Complete. No. 5. Dirait-on Start
  12. 12 Mid-Winter Songs: No. 1. Lament for Pasiphae Start
  13. 13 Mid-Winter Songs: No. 2. Like snow Start
  14. 14 Mid-Winter Songs: No. 3. She tells her love while half asleep Start
  15. 15 Mid-Winter Songs: No. 4. Mid-winter waking Start
  16. 16 Mid-Winter Songs: No. 5. Intercession in late October Start
  17. 17 O Magnum Mysterium: O magnum mysterium Start

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