Tiento;Si le jour parait...;Cadran lunaire

  • Künstler: Graham Anthony Devine, Gitarre
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 1105225
  • Erscheinungstermin: 12.10.2009
  1. 1 Tiento Start
  2. 2 Si le jour parait#: I. Temple Start
  3. 3 Si le jour parait#: II. Enueg Start
  4. 4 Si Le Jour Parait#: Iii. Maya-Marsya Start
  5. 5 Si le jour parait#: IV. 20 Avril (Planh) Start
  6. 6 Si le jour parait#: V. La chevelure de Berenice Start
  7. 7 Si le jour parait#: VI. Jeu des quatre vents Start
  8. 8 Si Le Jour Parait#: Vii. Aube (Alba) Start
  9. 9 Cadran lunaire: I. Saturnal Start
  10. 10 Cadran lunaire: II. Jondo Start
  11. 11 Cadran Lunaire: Iii. Sylva Start
  12. 12 Cadran lunaire: IV. Candil Start


The guitar music of North African composer Maurice Ohana, though indebted to Spanish culture, is far removed from any stereotypical Iberian aspects and, with the exception of Tiento, was written for the ten-string guitar as played by Narciso Yepes. Inspired by the possibilities of this newly developed instrument, Ohana's imagination created a unique, complex and highly inventive musical language which makes immense demands on both player and listener. The enigmatic Si le jour paraî a seven-movement suite influenced by Debussy's piano Préludes. Cadran lunaire ('moon-dial') juxtaposes ideas from classical antiquity, flamenco and traditional guitar music, conveyed through a rich variety of contrasts and moods.

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