+3 Stücke für Orchester; Suite für Klavier & Streicher
  • Künstler: Tomas Nemec, Slovak RSO, Adriano
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2000/2001
  • Bestellnummer: 2243929
  • Erscheinungstermin: 1.8.2008


Born in Naples in 1903, Mario Pilati belonged to the generation which included such disparate personalities as Petrassi, Dallapiccola, Salviucci, Rieti, Mortari, Scelsi and Rota. Pilati was a prolific composer of chamber, vocal and orchestral music. Like many of his contemporaries, he was drawn to the instrumental music of the past, especially that of his own country. An example of this is the Suite for Strings and Piano of 1925, which is neo-classical in style. His other love, that of folk music, is also evident in later works, such as the Concerto for Orchestra, with its ebullient finale 'alla tirolese'. The attractive lullaby Alla culla comes from the very end of his short life.


M. Kube in FonoForum 4 / 02: "Kaum mag man sich den sprit- zigen Ideen entziehen, zumal der warme voluminöse Klang und das forsche Spiel des Orchesters angenehm über- rumpeln."
  1. 1 Concerto for Orchestra in C major: I. Allegro cantabile, un poco maestoso Start
  2. 2 Concerto for Orchestra in C major: II. Adagio Start
  3. 3 Concerto For Orchestra In C Major: Iii. Rondo Alla Tirolese: Allegro Pesante E Ben Ritmato Start
  4. 4 3 Pieces for Orchestra: I. Minuetto Start
  5. 5 3 Pieces for Orchestra: II. Habanera Start
  6. 6 3 Pieces For Orchestra: Iii. Furlana Start
  7. 7 Suite for Strings and Piano: I. Introduzione Start
  8. 8 Suite for Strings and Piano: II. Sarabanda Start
  9. 9 Suite For Strings And Piano: Iii. Minuetto In Rondo Start
  10. 10 Suite for Strings and Piano: IV. Finale Start
  11. 11 Alla culla (By the Cradle) Start

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