+Beginning für Klaviertrio;Arktis Akrtis;I Himmelen für
Chor & Solostimmen

  • Künstler: Martin Fröst, Kungsbacka Klaviertrio, Adolf Fredrik's Girls Choir, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Sundkvist, Storgärds
  • Label: BIS, DDD, 2003-2005
  • Bestellnummer: 2166577
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2.6.2005
  1. 1 On A Distant Shore, concerto for clarinet & orchestra: I. The Dark Start
  2. 2 On A Distant Shore, concerto for clarinet & orchestra: II. The Light Start
  3. 3 On A Distant Shore, Concerto For Clarinet & Orchestra: Iii. The Wild Start
  4. 4 On A Distant Shore, concerto for clarinet & orchestra: IV. The Singing Start
  5. 5 On A Distant Shore, concerto for clarinet & orchestra: V. The Call Start
  6. 6 Beginning, for piano trio: I. Dramatic Start
  7. 7 Beginning, for piano trio: II. Tentative Start
  8. 8 Beginning, For Piano Trio: Iii. Rise Start
  9. 9 Arktis Arktis!, for orchestra: I. Breaking the Ice Start
  10. 10 Arktis Arktis!, for orchestra: II. Between Sky and Sea Start
  11. 11 Arktis Arktis!, For Orchestra: Iii. Interlude In Dark Start
  12. 12 Arktis Arktis!, for orchestra: IV. Yearning Start
  13. 13 I Hemmelen (In Heaven's Hall), for voice & treble choir Start


The music of Karin Rehnqvist has been described as “simultaneously radically new and very old.” This quality is the result of her interest in very different musical traditions: the modernist, constructivist approach to composition as represented by Brian Ferneyhough, with whom she studied, and the Swedish folk music tradition. One source of inspiration is an ancient vocal technique known as kulning, used by women herders to gather their flocks across great distances. Another is the use of micro intervals in traditional music. These and other features come to the fore on this portrait CD, where works from the past seven years have been collected: vocal and instrumental, chamber and orchestral. All of the works are being performed by the musicians and ensembles for whom they were conceived: with his trademark commitment Martin Fröst interprets the clarinet concerto On a Distant Shore and the Adolf Fredrik’s Girls Choir enter into the spirit of I himmelen (In Heaven’s Hall), Rehnqvist’s reinterpretation of a folk chorale. In the main orchestral work, Arktis, Arktis!, written after the composer’s participation in a polar expedition, the Swedish Chamber Orchestra paints arctic landscapes and impressions, and the eminent young ensemble Kungsbacka Piano Trio – for the first time on BIS – renders Beginning, commissioned for them by BBC in 2003. 70 minutes of fascinating music from a fascinating composer whose previous disc on BIS caused the reviewer in Gramophone to recommend it “very, very strongly”.

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