• Künstler: Prague Symphony Orchestra, Ince
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2001
  • Bestellnummer: 2106830
  • Erscheinungstermin: 23.5.2005
  1. 1 Symphony No. 3, "Siege of Vienna": I. Long March Start
  2. 2 Symphony No. 3, "Siege of Vienna": II. City Under Siege Start
  3. 3 Symphony No. 3, "siege Of Vienna": Iii. War Of The Walls Start
  4. 4 Symphony No. 3, "Siege of Vienna": IV. Forgotten Souls Start
  5. 5 Symphony No. 3, "Siege of Vienna": V. Calls Start
  6. 6 Symphony No. 3, "Siege of Vienna": VI. Final Assault Start
  7. 7 Symphony No. 3, "siege Of Vienna": Vii. Victorious City Start
  8. 8 Symphony No. 3, "siege Of Vienna": Viii. The Great Retreat Start
  9. 9 Domes Start
  10. 10 Symphony No. 4, "Sardis": I. Hermus River Start
  11. 11 Symphony No. 4, "Sardis": II. Necropol Start
  12. 12 Symphony No. 4, "sardis": Iii. Acropol Start
  13. 13 Symphony No. 4, "Sardis": IV. Thousand Hills Start
  14. 14 Symphony No. 4, "Sardis": V. Tmolus Mountain Start


"That rare composer able to sound connected with modern music, and yet still seem exotic" (Los Angeles Times). Winner of the Prix de Rome and the Lili Boulanger Prize Kamran Ince was born in Montana to American / Turkish parents, but educated in Turkey before settling in the USA at the beginning of the 1980s. Much of his work continues to be inspired by his love for the country of his upbringing. Symphony No. 4 "Sardis" is a depiction of a Bronze-age archeological site, complete with vivid images of dramatic Turkish landscapes. Ince describes his Symphony No. 3 "Siege of Vienna"..... a meeting of the characteristics of the two' portrayed through the battles between Ottoman East and Habsburg West in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


Stereo 09 / 05: "Das Prager Symphonie Orchester spielt unter der Leitung des Komponisten klanggewaltig und farblich raffiniert."

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