Sometimes I Feel Alive;Rilke Songs;Introit for the Season
of Epiphany;Arise, my Love;Come, thou fount of every
blessing;Ave, dulcissima Maria;Missa Brevis;Aaronic
Benediction;Behold the Tabernacle of God

  • Künstler: Elora Festival Singers, Noel Edison
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2008
  • Bestellnummer: 7557875
  • Erscheinungstermin: 5.4.2010
  1. 1 Sometimes I Feel Alive: I. there is a moon sole Start
  2. 2 Sometimes I Feel Alive: II. as is the sea marvelous Start
  3. 3 Sometimes I Feel Alive: Iii. Somewhere I Have Never Travelled Start
  4. 4 Rilke Songs: No. 1. Die Gazelle Start
  5. 5 Rilke Songs: No. 2. Der Panther Start
  6. 6 Rilke Songs: No. 3. Die Flamingos Start
  7. 7 Rilke Songs: No. 4. Der Schwan Start
  8. 8 Rilke Songs: No. 5. Schwarze Katze Start
  9. 9 Rilke Songs: No. 6. Das Einhorn Start
  10. 10 Introit For The Season Of Epiphany Start
  11. 11 Arise, my Love Start
  12. 12 Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing Start
  13. 13 Ave, Dulcissima Maria Start
  14. 14 Missa Brevis: Kyrie Start
  15. 15 Missa Brevis: Gloria Start
  16. 16 Missa Brevis: Sanctus et Benedictus Start
  17. 17 Missa Brevis: Agnus Dei Start
  18. 18 Aaronic Benediction Start
  19. 19 Behold The Tabernacle Of God Start


Julian Wachner's music has been described as 'bold and atmospheric' (The New York Times), 'jazzy, energetic, and ingenious' (Boston Globe), and 'highly enjoyable, touching, clever, and inspiring' (Deseret News). As the composer has written: 'I have found equal inspiration from strict form or unbridled chaos; tonality, modality or post-tonality; and lyricism, pointillism or minimalism-I find it crucial to have as sweeping a palette of creative possibilities at my disposal as possible...The challenge therefore, is to ride this wave of self-proclaimed eclecticism with sincerity, individuality and spontaneity, writing music that speaks to the human condition.'

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