• Joyce,James:Dubliners (Part 2)
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In the second half of Joyce's collection of
stories about the citizens of Dublin at the
turn of the century, the young author deals
with themes of adulthood - of loos,
parenthood, polotics, religion and of
disappointment. Rich in muor and musical
allusion, they contain some of Joyce's most
powerful and moving prose.
Sprecher: Jim Norton (219 Min.)

  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 98
  • Bestellnummer: 2176088
  • Erscheinungstermin: 14.2.2000

Disk 1 von 3

  1. 1 Painful Case: "MR. James Duffy Lived in Chapelizod Because He ..." Start
  2. 2 Painful Case: "Meeting Her a Third Time by Accident, He Found ..." Start
  3. 3 Painful Case: "This Was the Paragraph: Death of a Lady at Sydney ..." Start
  4. 4 Painful Case: "MR. Duffy Raised His Eyes Form the Paper and Gazed ..." Start
  5. 5 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: "Old Jack Raked the Cinders ..." Start
  6. 6 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: "The Room Was Silent Again. Then a ..." Start
  7. 7 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: "A Person Resembling a Poor ..." Start
  8. 8 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: "In a Few Minutes an Apologetic 'Pok! ' Start
  9. 9 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: Mr. Hynes Hesitated a Little ... Start
  10. 10 Mother: "MR. Holohan, Assistant Secretary of the Eire Abu Society, Had Start
  11. 11 Mother: "The Concert on Thursday Night Was Better Attended, But ..." Start
  12. 12 Mother: "When She Came Back to the Dressing-Room Her Cheeks Were ..." Start

Disk 2 von 3

  1. 1 Grace: "Two Gentlemen Who Were in the Lavatory at the Time Tried ..."
  2. 2 Grace: "The Three Men Left the Bar and the Crowd Sifted Through ..."
  3. 3 Grace: "mrs. Kernan's Puzzled Eyes Watched The Car Till It Was Out ..."
  4. 4 Grace: "The Gentlemen Began to Talk of the Accident. Mr. ..."
  5. 5 Grace: "'i Haven't Such a Bad Opinion of the Jesuits, ' He Said, ..."
  6. 6 Grace: "mrs. Kernan Came To The Door Of The Bedroom And Announced: ..."
  7. 7 Grace: "The Transept of the Jesuit Church in Gardiner Street Was ..."
  8. 8 Dead: "Lily, the Caretaker's Daughter, Was Literally Run off Her Feet."
  9. 9 Dead: "He Waited Outside the Drawing-Room Door Until the Waltz ..."
  10. 10 Dead: "Gabriel Went to the Stairs and Listened over the Banisters. ..."

Disk 3 von 3

  1. 1 Dead: "Gabriel Could Not Listen While Mary Jane Was Playing Her ..."
  2. 2 Dead: "When the Lancers Were over Gabriel Went Away to a Remote Corner
  3. 3 Dead: "A Murmur in the Room Attracted His Attention. Mr. Browne ..."
  4. 4 Dead: "Gabriel Took His Seat Boldly at the Head of the Table and, ..."
  5. 5 Dead: "The Patting at Once Grew Louder in Encouragement and Then ..."
  6. 6 Dead: "The Piercing Morning Air Came into the Hall Where They Were ..."
  7. 7 Dead: "The Morning Was Still Dark. A Dull, Yellow Light Brooded ..."
  8. 8 Dead: "A Ghostly Light from the Street Lamp Lay in a Long Shaft ..."
  9. 9 Dead: "A Vague Terror Seized Gabriel at This Answer, as If, at ..."
  10. 10 Dead: "She Was Fast Asleep. Gabriell, Leaning on His Elbow, Looked For
  11. 11 Balfe


This volume continues the masterly unabridged reading of the short stories. It contains the last six stories from the collection: Clay, A Painful Case, Ivy Day in the Committee Room, A Mother, Grace and perhaps the most well-known of all the stories (and the longest), The Dead. Jim Norton has established a special reputation for his recordings of Joyce for Naxos AudioBooks.

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