Serebrier: Tango in Blue
+Barber: Hesitation
+Piazzolla: Oblivion;Tangazo
+Strawinsky: Tango
+Satie: Tango perpetuel
+Gould: Tangos aus "Stringmusic" & "Latin-American
+Weill: Matrosen-Tango
+Concon: Impresiones sobre Astor
+Gade. Tango Jalousie
+Rodriguez: La Cumparsita

  • Künstler: Carole Farley, Enrique Telleria, Barcelona SO, Serebrier
  • Label: BIS, DDD, 2003
  • Bestellnummer: 2957207
  • Erscheinungstermin: 25.8.2005
  1. 1 Tango in Blue, for orchestra Start
  2. 2 Souvenirs, suite from the ballet: Hesitation - Tango Start
  3. 3 Oblivion, tango Start
  4. 4 Tango, for chamber orchestra Start
  5. 5 Sports et divertissements (Sports and diversions), pieces (21) for piano: Tango Perpétuel Start
  6. 6 String Music: Tango Start
  7. 7 Happy End, musical play: Matrosen-Tango Start
  8. 8 Casi un Tango, for horn & string orchestra Start
  9. 9 Latin-American Symphonette for orchestra: Tango Start
  10. 10 Youkali, tango habañera for voice & piano Start
  11. 11 Tangazo, for orchestra Start
  12. 12 Impresiones sobre Ástor (Homenaje a Piazzolla), for orchestra Start
  13. 13 Jalousie, tango for orchestra Start
  14. 14 La Cumparsita, for tango orchestra Start


Their previous release on BIS – Carmen Symphony, BIS-CD-1305 – was given the Latin GRAMMY award for "Best Classical Album of 2004". Now José Serebrier and the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra return with another disc on Latin themes. This time it is South America, where José Serebrier hails from, which has provided the inspiration. Original compositions by Stravinsky, Barber, Weill and Serebrier himself are complemented by orchestral adaptations of tangos by Satie (Tango Perpétuel) and Piazzolla among others. Including such evergreens as Gade’s Tango Jalousie and La Cumparsita, and with guest appearances by soprano Carole Farley and, on the bandoneón, Enrique Tellería, the result is a programme which fully illustrates the various aspects of the tango: its ‘disappointments, anxieties, romantic love and tales of crimes of love’ to quote the conductor’s own liner notes.

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