Nobles of the Mystic Shrine;Sesqui-Centennial
Exposition;Tales of a Traveller;In the Land
of the Golden Fleece;Coronation March;Riders
for the Flag;Ancient & Honorable Artillery Co;
Coeds of Michigan;Pathfinder of Panama;
The Glory of the Yankee Navy;Bride Elect
Selections;The Aviatiors;The Stars and Stripes

  • Künstler: Royal Artillery Band, Brion
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2001
  • Bestellnummer: 8223874
  • Erscheinungstermin: 5.1.2004
  1. 1 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine Start
  2. 2 Sesqui-Centennial Exposition Start
  3. 3 Tales of a Traveler: The Kaffir on the Karroo Start
  4. 4 Tales of a Traveler: In the Land of the Golden Fleece Start
  5. 5 Tales of a Traveler: Coronation March Start
  6. 6 Riders for the Flag Start
  7. 7 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. Start
  8. 8 Coeds of Michigan Start
  9. 9 Pathfinder of Panama Start
  10. 10 The Glory of the Yankee Navy Start
  11. 11 The Bride Elect (version for wind ensemble): Bride Elect Selections Start
  12. 12 The Aviators Start
  13. 13 The Stars and Stripes Forever Start

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