+Chaconne "The Red Violin" für Violine & Klavier; Fantasia on an Ostinato für Klavier; The Red Violin Caprices für Violine solo
  • Künstler: Ida Bieler (Violine),Nina Tichman (Klavier)
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2006
  • Bestellnummer: 9585352
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2.1.2009


One of America's finest and most widely recognized composers, John Corigliano has won several Grammy Awards, the Pulitzer Prize and dozens of other honors. His hauntingly beautiful Chaconne and virtuosic The Red Violin Caprices, both based on his Academy Awardwinning film score for The Red Violin, attest to his maverick imagination, while a famous passage from Beethoven's Seventh Symphony is the seed from which Fantasia on an Ostinato grew. The Violin Sonata, one of Corigliano's earliest works, combines sophistication and vigor.
  1. 1 Violin Sonata: I. Allegro Start
  2. 2 Violin Sonata: II. Andantino Start
  3. 3 Violin Sonata: Iii. Lento Start
  4. 4 Violin Sonata: IV. Allegro Start
  5. 5 The Red Violin: Chaconne Start
  6. 6 Fantasia on an Ostinato Start
  7. 7 The Red Violin Caprices: Theme Start
  8. 8 The Red Violin Caprices: Variation 1 Start
  9. 9 The Red Violin Caprices: Variation 2 Start
  10. 10 The Red Violin Caprices: Variation 3 Start
  11. 11 The Red Violin Caprices: Variation 4 Start
  12. 12 The Red Violin Caprices: Variation 5 Start

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