+Short Ride in a Fast Machine;The
Wound-Dresser;Berceuse Elegiaque

  • Künstler: Nathan Gunn, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Alsop
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2003
  • Bestellnummer: 4037491
  • Erscheinungstermin: 4.10.2004
  1. 1 Short Ride in a Fast Machine Start
  2. 2 The Wound-Dresser Start
  3. 3 Berceuse elegiaque (arr. J. Adams) Start
  4. 4 Shaker Loops (version for string orchestra): Shaking and Trembling Start
  5. 5 Shaker Loops (version for string orchestra): Hymning Slews Start
  6. 6 Shaker Loops (version for string orchestra): Loops and Verses Start
  7. 7 Shaker Loops (version for string orchestra): A Final Shaking Start


The story of John Adams is a truly American one. Raised in Massachusetts and trained as a composer at Harvard, at the age of 24 he headed west to San Francisco in order to distance himself from his neo-European upbringing. Shaker Loops, written in the heyday of American minimalism, helped to earn him a place as one of the most famous living composers. It borrows the technique of looping fragments of melody from Steve Reich's early tape experiments, and continues to be one of Adams' most frequently performed works. Also included on this disc is Short Ride in a Fast Machine, four minutes of pure aural adrenaline, and The Wound- Dresser, a pensive adaptation of Walt Whitman's poem about his experiences as a nurse during the civil war.


Stereoplay 03 / 05: "Einen großen Eindruck mach das Stück 'The Wound Dresser' mti dem fabelhaften Bariton Nathan Gunn. Man hört hier einen John Adams, der von der minimalistischen Jonglierkunst fast zum Antikriegskomponisten vom Schlage eines Schostakowitsch mutiert."

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