• Jewish Tone Poems
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Avshalomov: 4 Biblical Tabeleaux
+Silver: Shirat Sara
+Meyerowitz: Symphonie "Midrash Esther"

*** Milken Archive of American Jewish Music
  • Künstler: RSO Berlin, Seattle SO, Schwarz, Levi
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 1999/2000
  • Bestellnummer: 7247725
  • Erscheinungstermin: 29.8.2005
  1. 1 Queen Esther's Prayer - Gerard Schwarz Start
  2. 2 Rebecca By The Well - Gerard Schwarz Start
  3. 3 Ruth And Naomi - Gerard Schwarz Start
  4. 4 Processional - Gerard Schwarz Start
  5. 5 I. Allegro Misterioso - Gerard Schwarz Start
  6. 6 II. Softly, As In Prayer - Gerard Schwarz Start
  7. 7 Iii. Fast And Very Precise - Gerard Schwarz Start
  8. 8 I. Andante Grave Assai - Yoel Levi Start
  9. 9 II. Haman: Molto Agitato E Feroce - Yoel Levi Start
  10. 10 Iii. Esther And Ahasuerus: Adagio-Cantabilissimo - Yoel Levi Start
  11. 11 IV. Purim: Allegro Aggressivo, Ma Festoso - Yoel Levi Start


These WORLD PREMIERE RECORDINGS will appeal to all lovers of orchestral tone poems in the Romantic and modernist traditions. Avshalomov's delightful miniatures shimmer with colors akin to Rimsky-Korsakov and Far Eastern music. Silver's penetrating soul portrait of the biblical matriarch Sarah is richly set for a full string orchestra. Meyerowitz's colossal Symphony Midrash Esther-premiered by the New York Philharmonic under Dimitri Mitropoulus, but recorded here for the first time-presents one of the most dramatic Jewish legends: how Queen Esther of Persia saved the Jewish People from a genocidal attack planned by the wicked courtier Haman. The finale, Purim, celebrates Esther's triumph.

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