• Jason,Neville:Life & Works of Marcel Proust (in engl.Spr.)
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This audio-biografy of Marcel Proust tells the
story of one of the world's most original and
admired literary geniuses. From his youth in
the salons of Belle Epoque Paris, we follow his
progress through to his later yerar when,
as a near recluse, he writes through the
nights in his cork-lined bedroom. His novel
"Remambrance of Things Past", separating fact
from fiction becomes a fascinating game of
literary detection.
Sprecher: Neville Jason

  • Label: Naxos Audiobooks, DDD, 01
  • Bestellnummer: 4752021
  • Erscheinungstermin: 4.3.2002


Born in 1871, Marcel Proust was intent on becoming a writer from an early age. For much of his youth, Proust led the life of a man-about-town, frequenting fashionable Paris drawing rooms and literary salons, which would form the background of a number of his early stories and sketches. Remembrance of Things Past, the major French literary statement of the twentieth century, looks back at the old social order while noting the rise of a different way of life. It is extraordinary not only for its length, but for the remarkable observations of the aspirations, the foibles and the emotions of life. This new biography is written and read by Neville Jason who, through his recordings for Naxos AudioBooks, has become the voice of Proust for a generation.

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