+Bacchanale;Divertissement;Ouverture de

  • Künstler: Orchestre Des Concerts Lamoureux, Yutaka Sado
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 96
  • Bestellnummer: 2441894
  • Erscheinungstermin: 16.6.2000
  1. 1 Bacchanale Start
  2. 2 Divertissement: Introduction Start
  3. 3 Divertissement: Cortege Start
  4. 4 Divertissement: Nocturne Start
  5. 5 Divertissement: Valse Start
  6. 6 Divertissement: Parade Start
  7. 7 Divertissement: Finale Start
  8. 8 Ouverture de fete Start
  9. 9 Symphonie marine Start
  10. 10 Escales: Rome - Palerme Start
  11. 11 Escales: Tunis - Nefta Start
  12. 12 Escales: Valencia Start


'I like contrasts', Ibert was fond of saying. All six works on this CD show his absolute mastery of orchestral writing, each one of quite different form and inspiration. The uproarious Divertissement is Ibert's most popular work while the highly coloured Escales (Ports of Call), an overnight sensation after its first performance, brings together impressions brought back from a long journey through the Mediterranean. The fiery scherzo, Bacchanale, with its dazzling colours and rhythms is a virtuoso showpiece.

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