Castello: Sonate für Blockflöte & Bc
+Fontana: Sonate für Blockflöte & Bc
+Montalbano: Arezzo aus der Sinfonia Nr. 1 für Flöte & Cembalo;Geloso aus der Sinfonia Nr. 4 f. Blockflöte & Cembalo
+Cima: Sonaten Nr. 1 & 2 für Blockflöte & Bc
+Merula: Sonate für Blockflöte & Bc
+Bassano: Ricercata für Blockflöte
+Berardi: Canzone für Blockflöte & Bc
+Conforti: Laudate Pueri für Blockflöte & Bc
+Frescobaldi: Canzona Nr. 3 für Orgel, 2 Canzonen für
Blockflöte & Bc
+Pandolfi: Sonata "La Bernabea" für Blockflöte & Bc

  • Künstler: Dan Laurin, Masaaki Suzuki
  • Label: BIS, DDD, 2002
  • Bestellnummer: 4888114
  • Erscheinungstermin: 24.2.2005


When Dan Laurin and Masaaki Suzuki joined forces in Händel’s recorder sonatas (BIS-CD-955), the reviewers waxed lyrical: "The allegros sparkle like fire-works and the dizzyingly fast runs are like strings of pearls” wrote the critic in Fono Forum, and in Spanish magazine Ritmo the interpretations were described as “beautiful, impassioned, muscular and imaginative”. Now the same team is back, this time in a programme of Italian works from the early seventeenth century, which amply demonstrates the abundance of ideas and fancies typical of the musical output on the cusp between the renaissance and the baroque. Sonatas, ricercatas, canzonas and sinfonias follow each other in a kaleidoscopic procession, the sonic variety helped by the fact that Suzuki changes between organ and harpsichord, and that the programme also includes solo works for both recorder and for keyboard.
  1. 1 Sonata for solo instrument & continuo No. 1 in C minor (Sonata Concertate II/1) Start
  2. 2 Sonata Seconda for soprano recorder, viola da gamba & lute (from Sonata à 1, 2, 3) Start
  3. 3 Sinfonia Prima 'Arezzo' Start
  4. 4 Sonata II Start
  5. 5 Sonata Prima (from Il Primo libro de motetti ..., 1624) Start
  6. 6 Ricercata ottava (Ricercate/passagi et Cadentie) Start
  7. 7 Canzona sesta Start
  8. 8 Sinfonia Quarta 'Geloso' Start
  9. 9 Laudate Pueri, psalm setting for voice & continuo (Salmi passaggiati) Start
  10. 10 Sonata I Start
  11. 11 Il secondo libro de toccate, canzone...di cimbalo et organo, No.15, Canzona Terza in G major Start
  12. 12 In partitura, il primo libro della canzoni ... No.1, canto solo, 'detta la Bonuisia', for instruments Start
  13. 13 In partitura, il primo libro della canzoni ... No.2, canto solo, 'detta la Bernadinia', for instruments Start
  14. 14 Sonata for violin & continuo, Op. 4/1 ('La Bernabea') Start

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