White Christmas;Let Yourself Go;Top Hat, White
Tie and Tails;Blue Skies;I'll See You In Cuba;
Alexander's Ragtime Band;What'll I Do;Puttin
On The Ritz;Get Thee Behind Me, Satan;
Supper Time;Listening;Heat Wave;No Strings;
Lazy;That International Rag;They Say It's
Wonderful;Harlem On My Mind;When I Lost
You;There's No Business Like Show Business

  • Künstler: The Chestnut Brass Company
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 01
  • Bestellnummer: 8941299
  • Erscheinungstermin: 14.7.2003
  1. 1 Follow the Fleet: Let Yourself Go (arr. J. Krush): Let Yourself Go Start
  2. 2 Top Hat, White Tie and Tails Start
  3. 3 The Jazz Singer: Blue Skies (arr. J. Krush): Blue Skies Start
  4. 4 I'll See you in Cuba (arr. J. Krush): (I'll See you in) Cuba Start
  5. 5 Alexander's Ragtime Band Start
  6. 6 Alexander's Ragtime Band: What'll I Do? (arr. J. Krush): What'll I Do? Start
  7. 7 Puttin' on the Ritz Start
  8. 8 Get Thee Behind Me, Satan Start
  9. 9 As Thousands Cheer (arr. J. Krush): Supper Time Start
  10. 10 Listening Start
  11. 11 As Thousands Cheer (arr. J. Krush): Heat Wave Start
  12. 12 No Strings Start
  13. 13 Lazy (arr. M. Hood): Lazy Start
  14. 14 International Rag (arr. J. Krush): That International Rag Start
  15. 15 Annie Get Your Gun (arr. D. Sorenson): They Say It's Wonderful Start
  16. 16 Holiday Inn: White Christmas (arr. E. Solot): White Christmas Start
  17. 17 Harlem On My Mind Start
  18. 18 When I Lost You Start
  19. 19 Annie Get Your Gun (arr. D. Sorenson): There's No Business Like Show Business Start

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