+The Fairy's Kiss

  • Künstler: Diana Montague, Robin Leggate, Mark Beesley, Philharmonia Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Craft
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 1995/1997
  • Bestellnummer: 1150667
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2.1.2006
  1. 1 Pulcinella: I. Overture Start
  2. 2 Pulcinella: II. Serenata: Mentre l#erbetta Start
  3. 3 Pulcinella: Iii. Scherzino - Allegro - Andantino - Allegro Start
  4. 4 Pulcinella: IV. Allegretto: Contento forse vivere Start
  5. 5 Pulcinella: V. Allegro assai Start
  6. 6 Pulcinella: VI. Allegro (alla breve): Con queste paroline Start
  7. 7 Pulcinella: Vii. Largo: Sento Dire No# Nce Pace Start
  8. 8 Pulcinella: Viii. Chi Disse Ca La Femmena Start
  9. 9 Pulcinella: IX. Allegro: Nce sta quaccuna po# Start
  10. 10 Pulcinella: X. Presto: Una te fa la #nzemprece Start
  11. 11 Pulcinella: XI. Larghetto Start
  12. 12 Pulcinella: Xii. Allegro Alla Breve Start
  13. 13 Pulcinella: Xiii. Allegro Moderato: Tarantella Start
  14. 14 Pulcinella: Xiv. Andantino: Se Tu M#ami Start
  15. 15 Pulcinella: XV. Toccata Start
  16. 16 Pulcinella: Xvi. Allegro Moderato: Gavotta With 2 Variations: Allegretto - Allegro Start
  17. 17 Pulcinella: Xvii. Vivo Start
  18. 18 Pulcinella: Xviii. Minuet: Pupillette - Fiammette Start
  19. 19 Pulcinella: Xix. Finale: Allegro Assai Start
  20. 20 Le baiser de la fee (The Fairy's Kiss): Scene I Start
  21. 21 Le baiser de la fee (The Fairy's Kiss): Scene II Start
  22. 22 Le Baiser De La Fee (The Fairy's Kiss): Scene Iii Start
  23. 23 Le baiser de la fee (The Fairy's Kiss): Scene IV Start


Stravinsky's one-act ballet with song, Pulcinella, is no mere re-working of music by Pergolesi and other 18th-century Italian composers. Instead he uses the originals as a springboard for experimentation, transforming the music into a modern work by means of quirky instrumentation (for example, the jazzy glissandos of the double-bass solo), ostinato melodies, and other 20th-century devices. The ballet The Fairy's Kiss, at another extreme, is a largely original composition. Stravinsky greatly altered, developed, and elaborated melodies from early piano pieces and songs by Tchaikovsky, expanding them into sizeable ballet numbers to form a continuous dance symphony.

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