Lorenzo il Magnifico;Psaume

  • Künstler: Lucy Shelton, Cappella Carolina, Arnhem PO, Christopher Lyndon-Gee
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 1996
  • Bestellnummer: 9998524
  • Erscheinungstermin: 3.5.2010
  1. 1 Lorenzo il magnifico: I. Allegro con brio, ma sempre maestoso Start
  2. 2 Lorenzo il magnifico: II. Allegretto vivace e pastorale Start
  3. 3 Lorenzo Il Magnifico: Iii. Contemplazione Della Bellezza: Intermezzo Strumentale (Andante Con Moto) Start
  4. 4 Lorenzo il magnifico: IV. Adagio (in modo tragico) Start
  5. 5 Lorenzo il magnifico: V. Vivo con spirito - Tranquillo (senza lentezza) - A tempo: sempre piu gioioso sino al fine Start
  6. 6 Psaume: I. Allegramente Start
  7. 7 Psaume: II. Lentamente Start
  8. 8 Psaume: Iii. Con Fuoco Start
  9. 9 Psaume: IV. Sostenuto e molto tranquillo Start


The two vocal works featured on this disc encompass virtually the entire span of Markevitch's compositional life, and the whole range of his style, from the gripping immediacy of Psaume, written at the age of 21, to the polished sophistication of Lorenzo The Magnificent, written a bare decade later yet almost marking the close of his brief output of original creative work. This work is thus (apart from the remarkable orchestration amounting virtually to a recomposition of Bach's A Musical Offering of 1949-50) Markevitch's adieu as composer to the colours of the orchestra. Previously released on Marco Polo 8.223882.

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