Gruber: Exposed Throat
+Börtz: Painting
+Ruders: Revielle - Retraite
+Henderson: Variation Movements
+Holloway: Sonate für Trompete solo

  • Künstler: Hakan Hardenberger
  • Label: BIS, DDD, 2004
  • Bestellnummer: 9236787
  • Erscheinungstermin: 18.10.2006
  1. 1 Exposed throat (für Trompete solo) (2000) Start
  2. 2 Målning (für Trompete solo) (2000) Start

Revaille - Retraite (2003)

  1. 3 1. Reveille: Con fuoco Start
  2. 4 2. Retraite: Lontano Start

Variation movements (für Trompete solo) (1967)

  1. 5 1. Moving in a singing style Start
  2. 6 2. Very fast Start
  3. 7 3. Fast and marked Start
  4. 8 4. Slow and in a lyric style Start
  5. 9 5. Fast and rhythmic Start

Sonate für Trompete solo (1999)

  1. 10 1. Prelude Start
  2. 11 2. Melody Start
  3. 12 3. Toccata, intermezzo and fugue Start


Simultaneously one of the superstars of classical music and an indefatigable ambassador of contemporary music, Håkan Hardenberger presents a recital for solo trumpet where much of the music has been written directly for him. HK Gruber has previously collaborated with Hardenberger with the highly regarded concerto Aerial as a result. His Exposed Throat provides Hardenberger with the solo cadenza that the concerto lacks, as well as exploring the possibilities of creating polyphonic music for a single-voiced instrument. In his comments about Painting, Daniel Börtz – like Gruber – refers to Bach's solo sonatas as an inspiration. Poul Ruders has taken the emblematic trumpet signals Reveille and Retreat as a starting point for his work, explaining that the two illustrate 'the nature of the trumpet, an instrument capable of glorious panache as well as sublime, inward-looking finesse'. Robert Henderson's Variation Movements was composed in the 1960s, and has been hailed as 'a modern trumpet classic'. The Sonata by Robin Holloway, at it's first try-out, proved to be 'a gruelling test of prowess', as the composer recounts, and had to be divided between three players! Holloway later made a more practical version for two trumpets, but Hardenberger here performs the original, which in the composer's words 'remains available as a challenge to the strong of lip, lungs and spirit'. Håkan Hardenberger is all of this, as he has proved before on BIS, for instance on Prières sans paroles (BIS-SACD-1109) which was described by the reviewers as 'a dazzling virtuoso recital superbly played' (Gramophone) and as 'performed in an exemplary fashion' (Klassik Heute). His interpretations of the present programme – one which both technically and musically puts all preconceptions to the test – are no less masterful.

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