Gran Duetto Nr. 3;Concerto Nr. 2;Adagio melancolico ed
appassionato;Duett für Klarinette & Kontrabass;Fantasie
über Bellinis "Beatrice di Tenda";Une bouche aimee;Tutto che
il mondo serra;Meditation über eine Bach-Arie

  • Künstler: Joel Quarrington, Andrew Burashko, Harold Hall Robinson, James Campbell, Monica Whicher
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2004-2006
  • Bestellnummer: 1137221
  • Erscheinungstermin: 29.2.2008
  1. 1 3 Grand Duos: Duo No. 3: I. Andantino Start
  2. 2 3 Grand Duos: Duo No. 3: II. Presto Start
  3. 3 Double Bass Concertino in C minor (version of Double Bass Concerto No. 2 for double bass and strings): I. Moderato Start
  4. 4 Double Bass Concertino in C minor (version of Double Bass Concerto No. 2 for double bass and strings): II. Andante Start
  5. 5 Double Bass Concertino In C Minor (Version Of Double Bass Concerto No. 2 For Double Bass And Strings): Iii. Finale: Alle Start
  6. 6 Adagio melanconico ed appasionato, "Elegie par Ernst" Start
  7. 7 Duet for Clarinet and Double Bass Start
  8. 8 Fantasia on Bellini's Beatrice di Tenda Start
  9. 9 Une bouche aimee Start
  10. 10 Tutto che il mondo serra (trans. of Etude No. 19 in C sharp minor, Op. 25, No. 7 by Chopin) Start
  11. 11 Bach - Overture (Suite) No. 3 In D Major, Bwv 1068: Ii. Air, "air On A G String" Start


Giovanni Bottesini enjoyed a globe-trotting career as "the Paganini of the double bass". He was also a successful conductor and a composer, although only the music he wrote for his own instrument has outlived him. Many of the works on this recording emphasize the essential bel canto quality of Bottesini's inspiration, most explicitly in the dazzling Bellini Fantasia, but also in the duets with clarinet and soprano which demand virtuosity of both feeling and technique. The Concerto No. 2 is a fully mature work, from the somewhat laconic first movement, through the simply singing second, to the third, driven by a rhythmic figure typical of the polonaise and the Cuban bolero."

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