Dowland: A Fancy;Lachrimae Pavan;Fantasia
+Regondi: Introduktion & Caprice
+Jose: Gitarrensonate
+D'Angelo: 2 Canzoni Lidie
+Coste: Le Depart - Le Retoure op. 31

  • Künstler: Florian Larousse, Gitarre
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2009
  • Bestellnummer: 6537800
  • Erscheinungstermin: 3.5.2010
  1. 1 Florian Larousse: A Fancy Start
  2. 2 Florian Larousse: Lachrimae Pavan Start
  3. 3 Florian Larousse: Fantasia in G minor, P. 71 Start
  4. 4 Florian Larousse: Introduction et Caprice, Op. 23 Start
  5. 5 Florian Larousse: Guitar Sonata: I. Allegro moderato Start
  6. 6 Florian Larousse: Guitar Sonata: II. Minuetto Start
  7. 7 Florian Larousse: Guitar Sonata: Iii. Pavana Triste Start
  8. 8 Florian Larousse: Guitar Sonata: IV. Final Start
  9. 9 Florian Larousse: 2 Canzoni Lidie: I. # Start
  10. 10 Florian Larousse: 2 Canzoni Lidie: II. # Start
  11. 11 Florian Larousse: Le depart, fantaisie dramatique, Op. 31 Start


Winner of the 2009 Guitar Foundation of America's International Concert Artist Competition, French guitarist Florian Larousse presents a wide-ranging selection of music encompassing transcriptions of Renaissance lute works by John Dowland, compositions by 19th-century masters Giulio Regondi and Napoléon Coste, Antonio José's post-romantic Sonata (1933) and a vividly progressive 20th-century composition, Nuccio D'Angelo's Due Canzoni Lidie. Praised for the subtlety and clarity of his playing, the Paris Conservatory student is set for an international career.

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