+Teeth of the Sea für Percussion; Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds; Down the Stream Merrily für Percussion; I Have Only One Itching Desire für Percussion; Flex Time für Violine; Market Forces für Saxophon-Quartett
  • Künstler: Curtis Macomber, Stephen Gosling, Michael Lipsey, DoublePlay Percussino Duo, Members of the Rascher Saxophone Quartet, Columbus State University Percussion Ensemble, The New York Saxophone Quartet
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2005-2007
  • Bestellnummer: 5110459
  • Erscheinungstermin: 27.7.2009


Eric Moe is an alchemist of expressive extremes, from what he calls 'beautiful quiet music' to 'the rough, raucous stuff'. His exquisitely controlled music distils rare eloquence, grace, force and beauty from the incongruous elements of pop, rock, jazz, African drumming and classical sources as diverse as Mozart and Stravinsky. Edgy and lyrical, gritty and elegiac, the works on this disc synthesise the harmonies of Debussy, the drum licks of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bud Powell's extraordinary pianism and much more besides into an exuberant musical fusion.
  1. 1 Strange Exclaiming Music: I. Rhyme Does Not Pay Start
  2. 2 Strange Exclaiming Music: II. Cut Time Start
  3. 3 Strange Exclaiming Music: Iii. The Sorbet Of Regret Start
  4. 4 Teeth of the Sea Start
  5. 5 Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds: I. Energetic Start
  6. 6 Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds: II. Raucous, obsessive Start
  7. 7 down the stream, merrily Start
  8. 8 I Have Only One Itching Desire Start
  9. 9 Flex Time Start
  10. 10 Market Forces: I. Volatility Start
  11. 11 Market Forces: II. The Sad Story of the Prodigal Princess Start
  12. 12 Market Forces: Iii. Bottom Line Start

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