K. 19, 24, 63, 67, 112, 123, 135, 169, 259, 274,
318, 405, 419, 429, 478, 502

  • Künstler: Evgeny Zarafiants, Klavier
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 99
  • Bestellnummer: 9943498
  • Erscheinungstermin: 29.9.2003
  1. 1 Keyboard Sonata in E major, K.135/L.224/P.234: Allegro Start
  2. 2 Keyboard Sonata in A major, K.429/L.132/P.132: Allegro Start
  3. 3 Keyboard Sonata in D major, K.478/L.12/P.503: Andante cantabile Start
  4. 4 Keyboard Sonata in G major, K.169/L.331/P.247: Allegro Start
  5. 5 Keyboard Sonata in G major, K.259/L.103/P.469: Andante Start
  6. 6 Keyboard Sonata in C major, K.502/L.3/P.408: Allegro Start
  7. 7 Keyboard Sonata in F major, K.419/L.279/P.524: Presto Start
  8. 8 Keyboard Sonata in F major, K.19/L.383/P.75: Allegro Start
  9. 9 Keyboard Sonata in B flat major, K.112/L.298/P.94: Allegro Start
  10. 10 Keyboard Sonata in E flat major, K.123/L.111/P.180: Allegro Start
  11. 11 Keyboard Sonata in F major, K.274/L.297/P.491: Andante Start
  12. 12 Keyboard Sonata in A major, K.405/L.43/P.436: Allegro Start
  13. 13 Keyboard Sonata in F sharp major, K.318/L.31/P.302: Andante Start
  14. 14 Keyboard Sonata in F sharp minor, K.67/L.32/P.125: Allegro Start
  15. 15 Keyboard Sonata in C sharp minor, K.247/L.256/P.297: Allegro Start
  16. 16 Keyboard Sonata in G major, K.63/L.84/P.32: Allegro Start


The son of Alessandro Scarlatti, who created a new school of opera in Naples, Domenico Scarlatti is particularly renowned for his remarkable keyboard sonatas, of which some 555 are known. This significant addition to early 18th century keyboard repertoire was written for performance on the various keyboard instruments of the Spanish court, where Scarlatti was employed for many years. In all their variety the sonatas have long provided a valuable repertoire for pianists.

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