• Classic Women's Short Stories (in engl.Spr.)
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Katherine Mansfield: The Garden Party;
The Daughters of the Late Colonel
+Kate Chopin: Lilacs;Ma'ame Pelagie
+Virginia Woolf: The Mark on the Wall u. a.
Sprecher: Carole Boyd, Liza Ross, Teresa Gallagher

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  • Erscheinungstermin: 15.10.2001

Disk 1 von 2

  1. 1 Garden Party: 'And After All the Weather Was Ideal' Start
  2. 2 Garden Party: 'She Was Still, Listening' Start
  3. 3 Garden Party: 'Sadie Brought Them in and Went Back to the Door' Start
  4. 4 Garden Party: 'Lunch Was Over by Half-Past One' Start
  5. 5 Garden Party: 'It Was Growing Dusky...' Start
  6. 6 Daughters of the Late Colonel: 'The Week After Was One of the ... Start
  7. 7 Daughters of the Late Colonel: 'Another Thing Which Complicated ... Start
  8. 8 Daughters of the Late Colonel: 'But After All, It Was Not Long Now...' Start
  9. 9 Daughters of the Late Colonel: 'Well, At Any Rate, All That Part of It Start
  10. 10 Daughters of the Late Colonel: 'But the Strain Told on Them When ... Start
  11. 11 Daughters of the Late Colonel: 'Josephine Made No Reply' Start
  12. 12 Daughters of the Late Colonel: 'They Were Interrupted by Kate...' Start
  13. 13 Daughters of the Late Colonel: 'But at That Moment in the Street' Start

Disk 2 von 2

  1. 1 Daughters of the Late Colonel: 'Some Little Sparrows, Young Sparrows...
  2. 2 Ma'ame Pelagie: 'When the War Began...'
  3. 3 Ma'ame Pelagie: 'La Petite Had Determined Upon Trying to Fit Herself...
  4. 4 Ma'ame Pelagie: 'Ma'ame Pelagie, When She Saw That Her Sister Slept...'
  5. 5 Ma'ame Pelagie: 'Little More Than a Year Later...'
  6. 6 Lilacs: 'Mme Adrienne Farival Never Announced Her Coming'
  7. 7 Lilacs: 'They Lingered Long Upon the Foot-Bridge...'
  8. 8 Lilacs: 'Yes, Adrienne Was at Home. Paris Had Engulfed Her'
  9. 9 Lilacs: 'It Was Precisely a Year Later'
  10. 10 Mark on the Wall: 'Perhaps It Was the Middle of January...'
  11. 11 Mark on the Wall: 'In Certain Lights That Mark on the Wall Seems ...


Five stories from influential women writers of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century. New Zealand-born Katherine Mansfield settled in England where she wrote a series of short stories that are widely recognised as among the finest of the twentieth century for their economy, clarity, sensitivity and effect. ‘The Garden Party’ is one of her most famous, while ‘Daughters of the Late Colonel’ shows a wonderful sense of wit. Kate Chopin, writing in the last years of the nineteenth century, broke new ground with her daring view of women as individuals with human needs. ‘Lilacs’ and ‘Ma’ame Pelagie’ are sympathetic portraits of women with differing dilemmas. Woolf’s ‘A Mark on the Wall’ shows, in short story form, the turmoil within the stillness which became such a mark of her later novels.

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