Adam Lay Ybounden; In the Beginning Was the Word; A Cosmic
Prayer; New World Carols; Bulders for Christ; O Perfect
Life of Love; Premat Mundus; The Way, the Truth, the Life;
God, You Move Among Us; Easter Triumpf!Easter Joy!; Missa
Brevis; I Will Pour Out y Spirit; Be Present, Holy Trinity;
O Bone Jesu; Psalm 66; The Lamp of Chritiy; Prayer of
Julian of Norwich; Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis

  • Künstler: Royal Holloway Choir London University, Rupert Gough
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 6399456
  • Erscheinungstermin: 1.2.2008
  1. 1 Adam Lay Ybounden, Op. 576 Start
  2. 2 In the Beginning Was the Word, Op. 161 Start
  3. 3 A Cosmic Prayer, Op. 460 Start
  4. 4 New World Carols, Op. 515: No. 1. Do You Know the Song? Start
  5. 5 New World Carols, Op. 515: No. 2. In a Lowly Manger Sleeping Start
  6. 6 New World Carols, Op. 515: No. 3. The Sky Can Still Remember Start
  7. 7 Builders for Christ, Op. 498 Start
  8. 8 O Perfect Life of Love, Op. 361 Start
  9. 9 Premat Mundus, Op. 597 Start
  10. 10 The Way, the Truth, the Life, Op. 381 Start
  11. 11 God, You Move Among Us, Op. 657 Start
  12. 12 Easter Triumph! Easter Joy!, Op. 585 Start
  13. 13 Missa Brevis, Op. 558, "Trottier": Kyrie Start
  14. 14 Missa Brevis, Op. 558, "Trottier": Gloria Start
  15. 15 Missa Brevis, Op. 558, "Trottier": Sanctus Start
  16. 16 Missa Brevis, Op. 558, "Trottier": Agnus Dei Start
  17. 17 I Will Pour Out My Spirit, Op. 683 Start
  18. 18 Be Present, Holy Trinity, Op. 586 Start
  19. 19 O Bone Jesu, Op. 517 Start
  20. 20 Psalm 66, Op. 664, "Be Joyful in God" Start
  21. 21 The Lamp of Charity, Op. 489 Start
  22. 22 Prayer of Julian of Norwich, Op. 528 Start
  23. 23 Magnificat Start
  24. 24 Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, Op. 470, "St. Peter's Cambridge": Nunc Dimittis Start


Described by Choir and Organ Magazine as '[music] to enliven the programmes of choirs anywhere', the sacred choral works of American composer Carson Cooman have been widely performed and commissioned. This disc includes a sampling of the music, broadly organized by the structure of the liturgical year. Ranging in character from the Christmas-filled exuberance of New World Carols: An American Christmas Triptych to the mystical Trinitarian contemplation of Be Present, Holy Trinity, Cooman's music creates a sense of 'sacred space' in its settings of both familiar and unfamiliar texts from all eras. Under the direction of renowned organist and conductor Rupert Gough, the Choir of Royal Holloway delivers insightful performances of this repertoire.

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